Scorpions Humanity Hour 1 Sony BMG
· Produced By: Desmond Child

· Running Time:

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released:

· Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

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Songs: 93%
Sound: 95%
I have made this same point in past reviews – who knows just why sometimes an artist just seems to nail it? When you hit on the right combination of songs, style, attitude and production it just comes together I guess, and true to those worlds I think the Scorpions have nailed it on this record.
Produced by the great Desmond Child and with songwriting input from Eric Bazilian (The Hooters), Russ Irwin, Billy Corgan and Marti Frederiksen (Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne, Brother Cain), the Scorps have delivered an album that I think will impress all but the most ardent pessimists.
The band really cocked things up with their experimental Eye II Eye release, then pulled it back with the return to form Unbreakable.
But then there was again talk of modernizing the band's sound for this album and I feared the worst.
Those fears have proved to be unfounded, as the guys have mixed the best attributes of a modern direction with great songs and the band's old-school knack of a good melody.
In the same way as Bon Jovi transformed their 80s stadium sound to a contemporary vibe of Have A Nice Day, the Scorpions have updated the guitar sound and the production effects perfectly – some tracks push the new sound harder and others pull it back to an almost classic 80s commercial style. The mix of approach keeps things sounding fresh and above all else, the guys simply have some great songs to fall back on here.
The album opens with the thundering rocker Hour I which explores the darker, more modern vibe featured within the album. What a groove this track has – the energy of the performance really busts open this album for me. The song, and indeed the album as a whole, has a massive sound thanks to prouder Desmond Child, who clearly still has the ability to bring the best out in a band.
That massive sound carries over into the more traditional sounding melodic rock anthem The Game Of Life – songs of this quality haven't been heard on a Scorpions album since Savage Amusement.
We Were Born To Fly reverts back to the more modern feel and features a darker moodier mid-paced delivery and another great chorus.
The tempo remains the same for The Future Never Dies, which again sees the band in a more classic commercial vein with this appealing rock ballad.
The flip flopping between contemporary and classic styling continues with the rocker You're Lovin' Me To Death. Normally switching back and forth through an album drives me buts, but the difference here is that al the songs have the same consistency and strong production, so the subtle changes in guitar tone and approach aren't as immediately noticeable.
321 is a hard rocking modern sounding track that could almost pass for modern day Ozzy Osbourne and potentially could scare some off is it wasn't for the catchy chorus.
Love Will Keep Us Alive is an abrupt left turn after the sonic barrage of 321. This is a great multi-layered, acoustic driven ballad.
We Will Rise Again reminds me of what Bon Jovi did with their last album – update their classic style to sound more contemporary and that's what the Scorps have done with this ballad come rocker.
Your Last Song follows suit – this is 2007 Scorps in action and another fine song and chorus hook.
Love Is War is an acoustic driven rock song mixing new and classic influences. A big sound once again and very polished performance.
The Cross is a fast tempo modern rocker with another instantly likable melodic chorus.
Humanity closes out the album in spectacular symphonic style, with an anthemic ballad turned anthem rocker with orchestral backing and a definite Meatloaf vibe to it. Great stuff indeed…
The Bottom Line
What a surprise. I had no great expectations, but have been thoroughly impressed by all facets of this record. The extra time and effort put into it has paid off and this will be a record the fans love and the band can feel very proud of.
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Line Up:
· Klaus Meine: Vocals
· Rudolf Schenker, Matthias Jabs: Guitar
· James Kottak: Drums
· Pawel Maciwoda: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
· Scorpions
· Bon Jovi - Have A Nice Day
Track Listing
· Hour I
· Game of Life *
· We Were Born to Fly
· Future Never Dies *
· You're Lovin' Me to Death *
· 321
· Love Will Keep Us Alive *
· We Will Rise Again *
· Your Last Song
· Love Is War
· Cross
· Humanity *

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