Track Listing
Stand Up
Halfway to Memphis (3)
Things've Changed (2)
Whole Lotta Zep
The Big Nail
Make It Alright (1)
Not 4 Sale
The Big Square Inch
Karma Wheel

(*) Best Tracks

Post VH Discography & (Rank)
Marching To Mars (1)
Red Voodoo (2)
Ten 13 (3)
Not For Sale (4)

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Line Up
Sammy Hagar: Vocals
Victor Johnson: Guitar
Jesse Harms: Keyboards
David Lauser: Drums
Mona: Bass

Not For Sale
33rd Street Records
Produced By: Sammy Hagar
Running Time: 42.13 Genre: Hard Rock
Release Date: Out Now Released: US
WebLink: Red Rocker LabelLink: 33rd Street

In fairly quick time Sammy Hagar and band have recorded yet another new studio album! If only more major artists worked as quickly and as regularly.
Sammy recorded this album earlier this year, completing it before heading out on the road with David Lee Roth.
Not For Sale is a change for Sammy, which is definitely welcomed. I am a long time Sammy fan and I have appreciated all his post VH releases. But the last two are very similar in theme and a change was needed.
I am glad to hear the party rock vibe of Ten 13 has been lost in favor of a more personal lyrical message. Another good thing, as Sammy was definitely in danger of becoming the Jimmy Buffet of hard rock.
So the sound and style on this album is a change for sure. What we have here, is a much looser, rawer, stripped back, dirty rock n roll record. Sammy has mirrored what Eric Martin recently did on his solo album and what Poison have done on their new studio record - made a live, in your face, big rock n roll record.
As goes with such a move, the production on Not For Sale is below that of his previous solo records. It's a lot looser and certainly contains few overdubs or padding layers.
So the production is rough, but it doesn't take away from the tunes. They are still very enjoyable. The sound is below the quality of Eric Martin's album and Sammy's last few records - but still a mile ahead of Poison's sub par sound.
I think Hagar fans will dig the songs, heavy for sure, but with a bluesy and somewhat Midwestern feel to them.
Stand Up is a Sammy tune that has been around for a few years, of course used in the Rock Star movie (sung by Jeff Scott Soto) and faithfully rendered here. Good to hear Sammy's own take of this track, a very slow and heavy rocker, but the production is very raw!
Hallelujah leads off with another heavy, in your face guitar riff that sees Victor Johnson trying something new. Sammy's vocals however are the same as always - powerful and melodic, steering the raw hard rocker into classic Hagar territory. Add in an ripping organ solo from Jesse Harms and you get quite a song.
Halfway to Memphis relaxes the hard hitting sound for a moment. This organ/keyboard drenched track is a lyrically positive feel good mid tempo rocker, with a great hook and sentiment. Once again, something a little different for Sammy, but not too far from the Marching To Mars sound.
Things've Changed is a Jesse Harms penned track, and is the lead single from this opus. Easily the most commercial track, the acoustic lead intro gives way to another uptempo track featuring a dual guitar/organ attack. As expected, the chorus is big and rousing and again holds a feel good, positive sentiment.
Whole Lotta Zep is Sammy's reworking of three or four Led Zeppelin tracks into a totally original number. It's certainly an interesting take on the classics and sounds great but may not be for everyone. The novelty wears off quickly.
The Big Nail is an interesting track. This bluesy, laid back retro southern rocker is a departure from the norm for Sammy and features Harms and Sammy in harmony, with organ, piano and a solid rhythm section all rolling along.
I love Make It Alright. The song opens straight into the chorus, which is a big hands in the air, sing-along anthem - again sharing the positive feel good vibe of several tracks on this album. This is Sammy at his best, positive, uptempo, rocking and having fun. A very simple 2 and a half minute song that's over before you know it.
It's the same for the title track Not 4 Sale. The song doesn't waste a second before hitting the chorus - another big feel good rock n roll anthem. I can see this one rocking along live. The vibe is very loose - it's almost a punk rocker and is well under produced, but it suits the track.
Continuing the under-produced raw, punky rock vibe of the last track is the rollicking fast-tempo'd The Big Square Inch, which is essentially a duet between Sammy and drummer David Lauser. Good fun, frantically paced, great guitar work and generally making little sense. It's just rock n roll!
Getting serious is something Sammy does pretty well and Karma Wheel closes the album on such a note. Reminds me of Marching To Mars again, this left of centre track shows Sammy's love of experimenting. A modern rocker that doesn't match the vibe of the rest of the album, but still manages to fit in.

The Bottom Line
This is another good fun, uptempo, rocking Hagar album. For me personally I love the vibe of it, but it does have a thrown together feel.
It's pretty loose and raw and the feel of a few tracks makes me wonder if some of the songs are left-overs from the last few recording sessions.
The last few albums have all had a similar feel, with this breaking away slightly. Safe to say, if you liked the last 3 albums then this will also appeal.
I have awarded the same mark as the last 2 - because this doesn't feel that different. It looses points for production, but gains for attitude!
Van Halen 1, David Lee Roth 1, Sammy Hagar 4. Is there anything more I can add to that?
Running time - short, artwork ok, track order ok.

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