Sammy Hagar Hallelujah (Live) Sanctuary
Produced By: Sammy Hagar

Running Time: 78.50

Release Date: May 20

Released: US

Musical Style: Hard Rock

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Songs: 90%
Sound: 65%
Much like Sammy's last studio album Not For Sale, this greatest hits live package, recorded on the Sam & Dave show, is as raw as dogs balls.
The last album contained some great songs, but was pretty raw and this live recording is a perfect companion to it. The recording is totally devoid of overdubs (something I always appreciate), but does sound like it was recorded on a budget.
Sonically I've heard better - even some bootlegs I've got are better recorded - the problem here being that this just sounds too loud in places and a little distorted. The sound may be rough, but at least it's in your face and clear enough.
But those small issues aside, this album rocks! The track listing is first rate, covering the best of recent and classic Sammy, plus adding the very excellent benefits of guest appearances from Michael Anthony and Gary Cherone.
It's great to hear Anthony and Hagar together again, the VH bass players high pitch backing vocals unmistakable.
Another factor in this album's favor is although it's record in several venues, the album still flows pretty well.
The Bottom Line
Good performances, good vibes and great songs. Pretty much all that is required, with only a sonic annoyances getting in the way of a classic live album. Definitely for fans, possibly for others too.
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Line Up
Sammy Hagar: Vocals
Victor Johnson: Guitar
David Lauser: Drums
Mona, Michael Anthony: Bass
Jesse Harms: Keyboards

Essential for fans of:
Sammy Hagar
Van Hagar
Track Listing
Shaka Doobie
3 Lock Box
One Way To Rock *
Give To Live
Top Of The World
Deeper Kind Of Love
Why Can't This Be Love *
Eagles Fly *
Little White Lie
Rock Candy
I Can't Drive 55
Mas Tequila
Heavy Metal
When It's Love *
Right Now
Dreams *
--*Best Tracks

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