Sammy Hagar
The Essential Red Collection
Hip-O Records
· Produced By: Various

· Running Time: 78.59

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released: US

· Musical Style: Hard Rock

· Links: Hip-O Records
Songs: 85%
Sound: 95%
Now this is how you make a good compilation. Everything to do with this release screams class. Sammy may not have had a say in the fact that Universal wanted to do a compilation, but credit to him, he jumped on board to ensure the release would be as good as possible. And true to the title, this is an essential collection of the Red Rocker's tunes.
This release takes music from his earliest days in Montrose (Bad Motor Scooter) and runs through both Sammy's Capitol Years (Red, I've Done Everything For You) and his move to Geffen in the 80's (Two Sides Of Love, There's Only One Way To Rock, I Can't Drive 55, Eagles Fly to name a few…) before shifting to more recent times when Sammy struggled with labels (Little White Lie, Marching To MarsMCA Records, Mas Tequila - 33rd Street) before re-joining Van Halen.
The compilation also gathers a few of the rarer tracks of Sammy's career, at last placing them in the one place for fans to enjoy. Thinking Of You and Call My Name were supplied from Sammy's own unreleased masters and are 1974 demo's that never made his solo debut. High Hopes from the Geffen compilation Unboxed is included as are Sammy's several soundtrack appearances – Fast Times At Ridgemont High (from the movie of the same name), The Girl Gets Around (Footloose) and Winner Takes It All (from Over The Top).
The Bottom Line
Although only a 2CD set could do Sammy's career justice, this is a very solid and hits filled compilation that would satisfy both longtime die-hard and casual fans alike.
Add to that some excellent and detailed liner notes from both Ted Nugent and veteran music writer Scott Schinder, which includes new comments from Hagar himself. Great songs, great sound, great packaging and class from head to toe. This is how it is and should be done.
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· Sammy Hagar
Track Listing
· Bad Motor Scooter
· Thinking Of You
· Call My Name
· Red
· I've Done Everything For You
· Heavy Metal
· I'll Fall In Love Again
· There's Only One Way To Rock
· Fast Time At Ridgemont High
· Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy
· Two Side Of Love
· I Can't Drive 55
· The Girl Get's Around
· Winner Takes It All
· Give To Live
· Eagles Fly
· High Hopes
· Little White Lie
· Marching To Mars
· Mas Tequila

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