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Rush Vapor Trails Atlantic/Anthem
Track Listing
· One Little Victory (1)
· Ceiling Unlimited (4)
· Ghost Rider (3)
· Peaceable Kingdom
· The Stars Look Down
· How It Is (6)
· Vapor Trail
· Secret Touch
· Earthshine (2)
· Sweet Miracle
· Nocturne (5)
· Freeze Part IV Of "Fear"
· Out Of The Cradle

(*) Best Tracks

Album Details
· Produced By: Rush &
· Paul Northfield
· Running Time: 67.16
· Release Date: Out Now
· Released: WORLD
· Genre: Hard Rock
· WebLink: Rush
· LabelLink: Atlantic

Recent Discography
· Signals
· Grace Under Pressure
· Power Windows
· Hold Your Fire
· Presto
· Roll The Bones
· Counterparts
· Test For Echo
· Vapor Trails

Discography / Compilations
· Retrospective (1974-1980)
· Retrospective (1981-1987)
· Chronicles

For every Rush fan with one opinion, there is another 10 with 10 alternative views. I expect a varied response to this review.
I am interested to read the reader reviews for this album once I post this online. I reckon the reaction will be mixed, as it often is with a band with such a rich and lengthy history.
I love records like this, but I hate the review I have to write.
To be honest, I should have written this long ago, but due to other commitments hadn't allocated time for it.
Well, here we are….you know what? It's taken me a while to get my head around this album.
It's been 6 years since Test For Echo – an album I really enjoyed. In fact there isn't much I haven't really liked since my favourite album from the band – Hold Your Fire.
I am not a devotee of the band's 70's career. Aplogies for that!
I am happy to say that I also really like Vapor Trails.
There has been much debate over this record. Not only the songs and the style, but also the sonic impact from such a 'busy' and 'loud' record.
I have read comments suggesting that this isn't a well produced record.
Well, the choice of sound delivery may be questioned, but Rush and Paul Northfield are both well seasoned professionals, so I must presume the sound we are hearing is what Rush chose us to hear.
Personally I do think that the record is a little too loud in places and certainly could have been 'stripped back', or 'turned down' a little.
But with so much to listen to, the record offers something new each listen and I do like that aspect.
As for the songs themselves, I think Rush have done an admirable job of re-inventing themselves once again.
This is a long album with a lot to listen to. The verdict and the opinions will be wildly different.
It is a sonically intense journey with barely a change in pace to be heard and no ballads to speak of. There's a lot to take in and one definitely has to be ready to rock before playing it.
It's great to hear these guys still have so much energy to commit to record and I do love most of the album.
However, I will sit on the fence a little here. Yes, it's a great, but I also feel that it maybe could have been even better with a couple of changes.
The band have an intelligent approach that balances experimentation with classic sounds. That is more relavent than ever with this album.
My track by track would have been more detailed had I got this onlin ein time, but below are a few extra thoughts.
If the band can crank another album out relatively quickly, I am sure it will be even better again.

There are a couple of songs I don't aspire to, such as Peaceable Kingdom (a bit loud and overly bombastic, sonically) and The Stars Look Down (needed a better hook).
On the other hand there are also a few absolute classics.
The pounding hard rock of One Little Victory is an ideal album opener, with it's sonic bombardment of the ears.
Ghost Rider is a classic Rush track. A strong presence, complicated arrangement, all held together with a strong melodic edge. This track is a great modern rocker for FM radio in 2002.
How It Is is has a great change of pace and lots of interesting musical interludes, as does the title track Vapor Trail.
The tough and gritty Earthshine is a favourite – I love the dark tone of Lifeson's guitar sound. The song also has a great melodic hook.
Nocturne is also an interesting track that demands repeated listens.

Points Summary - The Bottom Line
Although it's a monster sound, the technical issues of the production and the debate that has followed causes a few points to be lost.
The songwriting is also fantastic, with minimal space allowed for a couple of tracks I didn't get into.
I love the artwork - I think it's eye catching, original and contemporary also.
Running time - maybe a few minutes, or 1 track too long. Still, it's great value for money after such a time away.

Buy it if you liked:
Rush - Anything!

Line Up
· Geddy Lee: Vocals, Bass
· Alex Lifeson: Guitar
· Neil Peart: Drums






Running Time


Running Time:


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