Track Listing
Naughty Dragon (2)
It's A Lie (3)
The Meaning Of Evil (1)
Midnight Hour
Find The One
Bulls Eye
Our Cross Our Sins

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Black Sabbath - Headless Cross
Tony Martin - Back Where I Belong
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Our Cross Our Sins
MTM Music
Produced By: Bobby Rondinelli
Running Time: 52.00 Genre: Hard Rock
Release Date: October 21 Released: EU JP
LabelLink: MTM Music

Rondinelli is a hard rocking quartet featuring the impressive line up of Bobby Rondinelli (drums), Neil Murray (bass), Teddy Rondinelli (guitars) and Tony Martin (vocals).
If you are familiar with these guys and their history with Black Sabbath, it will come as no surprise to hear that this album is a fabulous slice of Sabbath inspired heavy rock.
The guys combined resume takes in bands like Whitesnake, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Gary Moore and Quiet Riot.
Safe to say, if you like any of those bands at their hard hitting best, then there is an excellent chance Rondinelli has something to offer you.
Fans of big hard rock records like the debut Blue Murder album should also investigate. The epic hard rock of a few tracks, mixed with the production and melodic touches in others makes this a solid effort.
Besides the overall heavy rock theme of this album, the most noticeable thing to me was the awesome performance from Bobby Rondinelli. Drum fans of the world need to check this out, as Bobby is all over this record, with both pounding rhythm and cleaver fills.
Fans of Tony Martin, both from his efforts on The Cage and his Sabbath work, will again be impressed by a flawless vocal performance.
The production of Our Cross, Our Sins is top shelf stuff. The drums, vocals, guitar and bass are all equally mixed. A hard task sometimes for records like this, where so much can be going on at any given time.

The Bottom Line
For the most part, it's a mid to uptempo selection of rockers, slowing down on just a couple of occasions, but never wimping out. This is a big rock album through and through!
One small point next time let's go for more than 9 tracks. Even though the running time is good value, an extra track or two would be great.
Additionally - the album loses impact at low volume - crank it!
Sundries: Awesome artwork and good running time - despite only being 9 tracks. But the running order isn't doing the album any favors. A revised order with Track 4 up front and Track 1 down the line a little would have been better.

Line Up
Tony Martin: Vocals
Teddy Rondinelli: Guitar
Bobby Rondinelli: Drums
Neil Murray: Bass

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