RockStar Supernova Supernova Burnett/Epic
· Produced By: Butch Walker

· Running Time: 41.27

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released: WORLD

· Musical Style: Modern Rock

· Links: Supernova
Songs: 25%
Sound: 75%
The much talked about second season of RockStar ended as most had guessed – with the pre-picked Lukas Rossi "chosen" as the band's singer, edging out 15 other contenders.
The show was thrown together in the weeks approaching deadline as the band producers really wanted (Alice In Chains) weren't interested. In flies Mr. Reality Tommy Lee, who through most of the show couldn't have appeared less interested – unless giving a few of the female singers suggestive remarks.
He brought one time GNR guitarist Gilby Clarke with him and also former Metallica bassist Jason Newstead. In the producers chair and helping arrange, write and formulate the debut album for the band was Butch Walker – although he had the good sense to only appear on one episode of the TV show. The music for the debut album was recorded while the show ran and extra work -including (obviously) the vocals - was added towards the end and after the show.
The result – an album as equally confused as the show was and with about as much lasting merit.
The biggest problem with this album is that is just doesn't serve anyone.
Modern rock fans aren't going to buy this. Melodic rock fans aren't going to warm to the modern influences. Nu-breed fans will just buy a Butch Walker album and get the real thing and fans of Motley Crue, GNR and Metallica are quite likely to die laughing when they here songs as lame as Leave The Lights On.
This gets my vote as the cheesiest song of the year and something that would never be seen on any other album featuring these guys.
The opening track It's On shows a little promise, the modern rock vibe and gnarly vocal summing up vibe created on the Rock Star TV show.
Be Yourself (and 5 Other Clichés) is pretty good too – but let's face it – it's a Butch Walker tune that probably wouldn't have been deemed good enough to make his own solo albums.
It's All Love is also an ok track if not a little bland – a moody modern rock ballad that I could hear on radio and sees vocalist Lukas in good voice.
Can't Bring Myself To Light This Fuse has the potential to be a monster ballad and features a surprisingly subtle vocal, but again, it sounds like a Butch Walker reject.
Headspin made its debut on the show and is probably the band's best chance of any airplay. This is a solid commercial modern rock ballad.
So they are the ok songs. Now for the songs that make you think WTF?
Underdog is a horrible modern rocker out of step with the rest of the album, going nowhere and doing nothing for the album whatsoever. The chorus riff was the theme song for the show, but nothing else stands out as remotely catchy.
Make No Mistake...This Is the Take is another lame track that sounds messy and without any redeeming hook.
Valentine goes absolutely nowhere and Social Disgrace follows the same path. Bland and forgettable modern rock that could be attributed to any number of other bands out there.
The album is pretty bad throughout, but guys save the worst for last. The Dead Parade is just horrid and one of the worst songs of the year. The chorus doesn't match the verse, the intro doesn't match the song and the bridge sounds like a piece of yet another song. Just horrible.
There is just no personality on the record. The band was created out of nothing and clearly hasn't carved out a niche for themselves. Perhaps that will come from touring and then recording a second album, but if the first one fails and there is no record label, who would they actually make a record for?
The Bottom Line
The vibe surrounding this formulated, thrown together band is that of an invite only boys club. Except no one else cares and no one wants to join in the "fun".
I believe the biggest insult I could give the album is that it is largely pointless. It doesn't really cater to anyone and the song quality is that which would embarrass the members of the bands these guys are/were attached to. Despite talk of a follow-up album already underway, will anyone even care about this release enough to warrant a sequel? I say not.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Supernova

Line Up:
· Lukas Rossi: Vocals
· Gilby Clarke: Guitars
· Tommy Lee: Drums
· Jason Newstead: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
· RockStar TV show
Track Listing
· It's On *
· Leave the Lights On
· Be Yourself (and 5 Other Cliches) *
· It's All Love
· Can't Bring Myself To Light This Fuse
· Underdog
· Make No Mistake...This Is the Take
· Headspin *
· Valentine
· Social Disgrace
· The Dead Parade

--*Best Tracks

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