Track Listing
World In Your Eyes (1)
Heaven to Me (2)
The Crush
Words Aren't Enough
Over My Head (3)
Look at the Dream
Only Room For One
I Can't Sleep At Night
Just One Kiss
Walking On Fire

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Discography & (Rank)
Perfect Stranger
World In Your Eyes

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Line Up
Robert Fleischman: Vocals
John Ramos: Guitar
Edward Roth, Kelly Hansen: Keyboards
Richie Onori: Drums
Marvin Sperling: Bass

World In Your Eyes
Frontiers Records FRCD128
Produced By: Kelly Hansen
Running Time: 45.05 Genre: Melodic Rock
Release Date: October 23 Released: EU
LabelLink: Frontiers

Former Vinnie Vincent Invasion lead vocalist and one time former Journey frontman Robert Fleischman has returned to recording duty after a several year break. In fact, as far as solo album's go, it's been 23 years! His last was in 1979...
Fleischman's album is quite a melodic rock / AOR fest, with a solid line up involved in the album's making.
Josh Ramos again stars on guitar, Marvin Sperling handles bass duties, Richie Onori on drums and on keyboards we find Edward Roth and Kelly Hansen - who also produced and mixed the album.
As publicized earlier, the album is most definitely a Journey-esque melodic rock outing, featuring a heavier guitar edge than similar, more AOR releases like Two Fires and Melodica.
In fact, the feel and style of the album reminds me of Terry Brock's solo outing Back To Eden. The AOR meets melodic rock style, the similar mix - with vocals prominent throughout and the production feel.
Brock's album suffered a little from the production and while this has a similar feel, the production is tighter and clearer.
The main notable element with World in Your Eyes is Fleischman's vocals. With all due respect to the man's talents, it appears in places that he has seen better days. He has an unusual style - Ozzy Osbourne goes AOR if you will - but in a few places it sounds like he has given the Whiskey a bit of a push over the years.
Equally, he still has some fine moments and the strong backing and harmony vocals used throughout the album help bring that anthemic and balladesque melodic rock feel home.
The strength of the album is in the choruses. Most are great, uptempo hook filled AOR anthems, which helps recognition of each song.
World In Your Eyes is a great album opener. Moody and heavy, the song's chorus is an understated anthem.
Heaven To Me is a fine heartfelt melodic rocker, with a great hook and sing along AOR chorus.
The Crush is a heavier guitar driven track with strong backing vocals and another moody passionate chorus that AOR fans will love.
Words Aren't Enough sees Fleischman adopt another vocal tone. Not your average melodic rock vocal, but it adds an interesting dimension to the song and does vary the delivery. The chorus is pretty cool, although the lead vocals won't be for everyone.
Over My Head is the first real ballad of the album, this one written by Bryan Adams and Dave Pickell.
As expected the song quality is first rate and the harmony vocals within the chorus help make this a strong track. The lead vocals are again interesting and love them or hate them, they suit the song.
Look At The Dream is a change of pace again. Up tempo and acoustic driven, it rocks along and features moody chorus.
Only Room For One sees Fleischman rocking it up a bit more, with a moody and melodic track that is more contemporary than some of the earlier tracks.
I Can't Sleep At Night is a more AOR friendly track, with strong acoustic and electric guitar representation. A good chorus and harmony vocals make the song.
Just One Kiss is a soaring uptempo rocker, but the production isn't as sharp as it could have been.
Walking On Fire closes the album by rocking it up heavier than any other track. This hard rocker has a bit of an edge to it that might be more familiar to Fleischman's Vinnie Vincent fans.

The Bottom Line
A competent and enjoyable melodic rock/heavy AOR album with some fine tunes and good performances.
The album's stars are the song themselves. Vocally it's enjoyable, if not a little bumpy, but generally this is a solid AOR album for fans of the genre.
Solid track running order and running time, plus a nice bit of art from the hand of Chuck Wright.

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