Robert Berry The Dividing Line Frontiers Records
Produced By: Robert Berry

Running Time: 50.04

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: Melodic Rock

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Songs: 95%
Sound: 90%
It has been a monster year for Berry fans. I'm still spinning the amazing Alliance album from earlier in the year and now a brand new solo album is upon us. Robert Berry has one of those amazing voices that just sounds melodic in every sense each line and each harmony sounds so natural it is a joy to listen to.
The Dividing Line is a fine collection of songs that is typically Berry. A little pomp, a little progressive, but always 100% classic style melodic rock.
I'm not as impressed with the overall production quality of this album vs the recent Alliance album, which sounded as clear and crisp as any record in recent times.
This is a littler rawer and I guess just a little different with Berry handling most of the instrumentation himself, but the quality of the songs and the vocal performance are nothing short of sublime.
The title track is a great uptempo intro to the album, but the more dramatic and classic Berry pomp sounding One Good Man is even better.
Same goes for the easy going melodic rocker Listen To The People, which could have easily been lifted from any of the Alliance albums.
A Life Worth Livin' is pure melodic bliss with an old school Bryan Adams kind of feel I'd like to hear more of this from Berry, what a killer song. Alliance band mates Gary Pihl and David Lauser guest on this track.
The moody keyboard driven Can't Let Go is another winner and I Gave You The Best Of Me is another Alliance-style track.
Young Hearts is another great uptempo pomp rocker deserving of special mention. The hunting ballad Wait is one of those tracks that sends shivers up one's spine.
The Bottom Line
There's definitely a feel similar to the Alliance album in places perhaps Berry had so many songs on the go, some ended up here. That's only a good thing, as Berry is on fire! The songwriting prowess of Berry and that great voice has provided fans with a double dose of melodic brilliance in 2008.
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Takin' It Back
The Dividing Line

Line Up:
Robert Berry: All Instrumentation

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Robert Berry
Track Listing
The Dividing Line *
One Good Man *
Listen To The People *
This Life
A Life Worth Livin' *
Can't Let Go *
I Gave You The Best of Me
Young Hearts
Wait *
Life Is On Fire

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