Richie Kotzen Into The Black Frontiers Records
Produced By: Richie Kotzen

Running Time: 44.41

Release Date: December 8


Musical Style: Modern Melodic Hard Rock

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Songs: 88%
Sound: 92%
Speaking of modern rock as I was in the Cosmo review, here is a guy that knows how to do it well. Better than just about anyone else in this scene and he does it with both passion and aggression, something not easily accomplished.
And all the while Richie Kotzen keeps it melodic and accessible.
Kotzen's style may not be for everyone, but to his fans I would think this album will rate as one of his best ever. Richie picks up where the Forty Deuce band album left off and adapts that albums style to his solo delivery.
The album is summed up by the opening track You Can't Save Me - brooding, intense, lyrically biting and passionate beyond belief. Richie lightens the mood just slightly for the great rock track Misunderstood, featuring one of his best vocals to date.
The Shadow is cool too, but for different reasons. More classic rock melodies over a bluesy, yet commercial base.
Kotzen's love of blues shines through even further on the moody ballad Till You Put Me Down.
Highlighting the excellent way this album has been sequenced, that moody theme continues through Sacred Ground, but this time in the form of an angst ridden rock anthem.
Rounding out the album is the seemingly happy go lucky acoustic driven Livin' In Bliss and the blues rock My Angel.
Into The Black sees Kotzen write, play and produce every note of the record. It is a personal statement and a challenging one at that. 10 songs, 7 or 8 different vibes, but one great performance.
The Bottom Line
I'm not sold on everything Richie does, but he never does anything by halves. Here he delivers 10 really solid tunes with lots of hooks in play some subtle, some more direct but always melodic. And the driving force behind the album is Richie's sublime guitar playing and rich soulful voice. Sometimes I can't pinpoint exactly why a record works as well as it does but this album really works.
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Line Up:
Richie Kotzen: Everyting

Essential For Fans Of:
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Track Listing
You Can't Save Me *
Misunderstood *
The Shadow *
Doin' What The Devil Says To Do
Till You Put Me Down
Sacred Ground *
Your Lies
Living In Bliss
My Angel

--*Best Tracks

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