Return Return MTM Music
· Produced By: Hemming Ramseth

· Running Time: 43.20

· Release Date: June 6

· Released: EU

· Musical Style: Melodic Rock

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Songs: 70%
Sound: 85%
Return make their comeback to recording duties some 13 years since their last album V. Between 1987 and 1992 the band made 5 albums and one best of – quite a feat. That would explain their large fanbase, earnt through delivering some high quality commercial European melodic rock.
The band returns with its nucleus intact - Knut Erik Oestgaard vocals; Steinar Hagen guitars; Tore Larsen bass and Oyvind Haakonsen drums.
Times have changed the band has updated their sound to walk a fine line between their past and sounds of today. The band's style and delivery has been updated in places and my guess is that some changes will not please long time fans.
Previously the band has swung between Scandi AOR and heavier American style melodic rock, with this album taking in a little of everything.
Things get off to a solid start with the hard rocker Every Little Step and the excellent moody ballad Save The Heart. All The Way is also a solid track, with a pleasant commercial feel to it not unlike Gotthard and the like.
Three pretty solid melodic rock tracks in the listener gets hit with a change. TV-Song is a nu-breed/modern rocker with all the modern trimmings traditional AOR fans hate.
All That I See is a sentimental ballad that attempts to draw listeners back in and in my mind does so successfully thanks to a raw, emotional vocal and some orchestral padding.
Sadly some of that enthusiasm is again lost on Mr. President, an all-too-obvious political message that I don't necessarily disagree with, I just don't really want to hear it here and I think delivering the song's message is placed before the music itself - modern rock in flavour.
Fallen Angel follows and starts us back on a rock to what might be more expected of the band. Not classic, but catchy enough.
But once again, as things looked to be getting back on track, momentum is killed by an all-acoustic ballad. Again, an ok track on it's own, but nothing original or overly memorable.
Heroes And Knights isn't much better. It rocks, but its updated feel won't appeal to all and it is missing a great chorus.
Walk It Like You Talk is a little better – a Bon Jovi style uptempo rocker that ends the album with an uptempo burst, yet it could still use a more memorable hook.
The Bottom Line
Nice to see the band back, but this album isn't as strong as it could have been and sees a couple of out of place tracks included in the running order. The first few tracks are great, but elsewhere it's a little patchy and not consistent enough to rate it a guaranteed winner with fans.
· To The Top
· Attitudes
· Straight Down the Line
· Foreplay
· V
· Return

Line Up:
· Knut Erik Østgård: Vocals, Guitar
· Steinar Hagen: Guitar
· Øyvind Håkonsen: Drums
· Tore Larsen: Bass, Vocals
· Henning Ramseth: Synth,Guitar, Vocals

Essential For Fans Of:
· Return
· Scandi Melodic Rock
Track Listing
· Every Little Step*
· Save The Heart*
· All The Way*
· TV-Song
· All That I See
· Mr. President
· Fallen Angel
· Holy Water
· Heroes And Knights
· Walk It Like You Talk It
--*Best Tracks

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