Reece Universal Language Metal Heaven
· Produced By: Andy Susemihl

· Running Time: 49.50

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released:

· Musical Style: Hard Rock / Melodic Metal

· Links: Metal Heaven
Songs: 84%
Sound: 90%
Interesting album this. I wasn't sure what to expect – whether it was to be an all in metal album or hard rock. The result is something in-between, with heavy moments probably outweighed by more straight ahead hard rock numbers, but always those raspy Reece vocals shines through.
This is a lot less intense and screamy than the recent Gypsy Rose album and more in line with the vocals of Bangalore Choir than Accept.
The album opens with a big chunky rocker in Before I Die, but the mid-section of the album is quite laid back – more a groove dominated style. Flying To Close To The Flame and Fantasy Man have good choruses and strong vocal performances.
There are some acoustic driven tracks in Rescue Me and Once In A Lifetime before the album starts to rock hard again with the excellent We Were Alive.
More acoustic guitars mix with electric on the equally catchy Flesh and Blood and then dominate the ballad Queen Of My Dreams – featuring one of the best vocals of the album.
Yellow closes out the album the way it started – with a big groovy riff.
The Bottom Line
A solid album helped by a very good vocal performance and great production. It may not the catchiest or most memorable rock record around, but definitely worthy for past and present David Reece fans. Bangalore Choir comes next!
PS. Utterly without question, the worst cover art of 2009 so far.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Reece

Line Up:
· David Reece: Vocals
· Andy Susemihl: Guitars
· Stefan Schwarzmann: Drums
· Jochen Fünders: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
· David Reece
· Bangalore Choir
Track Listing
· Before I Die *
· All The Way
· Flying Close To The Flame *
· Fantasy Man
· The River
· I'll Remember You
· Rescue Me
· Once In A Lifetime
· We Were Alive *
· Flesh And Blood *
· Queen Of My Dreams
· Yellow *

--*Best Tracks

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