Radio Silence Whose Skin Are You Under Now? Escape Music
Produced By: Alistar Gordon & Martin Kronlund

Running Time: 44.45

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: AOR

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Songs: 91%
Sound: 90%
With all the great hard rocking releases around at the moment, it is hard to find something more soothing to give my ears the occasional rest they need. Plus I'm not always in the mood for melodic metal at 9am. My first love has always been AOR, so with fewer soft/AOR releases around at the moment, I am even more appreciative of the new Radio Silence, which hits on that true sound of genuine British AOR.
Radio Silence is basically the project name that vocalist Alistair Gordon uses. The line up from the first album has been replaced by Swedish producer Martin Kronlund's production team.
But that's not a bad thing - what makes Radio Silence great is Martin and his band's ability to switch gears from the hard rock they have normally deliver, toning it down here to deliver a high-tech 80s styled album.
And Alistair sounds great the melding of both talents and some very catchy songwriting makes for a compelling listen. There are some really intelligent songs featured on this album and it isn't AOR by numbers at all. There are rockers, ballads and in-between, but all delivered in that relatively laid back British AOR style.
Hand To Mouth is a very smooth and sultry opener while Mosquito is just about perfect uptempo catchy AOR at its commercial best. Wall Of Silence harks back to the mid-80s with it's keyboard presence the primary factor not to mention the great chorus. Staring At The Sun is another slice of moody melodic bliss, almost a ballad, but not quite.
But it doesn't stop there the tunes keep coming and the following trio of tracks are all worth individual honors. Another World is a stunning moody AOR track that reminds me a little of 80s Glen Burtnik, while Shotgun Love picks up the tempo a little, adding a bluesy vibe to the album.
Anyway The Wind Blows is another first rate ballad. The only track on this album that is anything less than essential is the acoustic cover of the Beatles track Hide Your Love Away.
The Bottom Line
Its been a hard rocking month, so for the other side of the coin, check out Radio Silence this month's smoothest and most traditional AOR release. A fine set of songs that make the 8 year wait since the debut album almost worth it! With the line-up featured here in place, there is no excuse why another album should not be commissioned post haste!
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Whose Skin Are You Under Now

Line Up:
Alistair Gordon: Vocals
Martin Kronlund: Guitars
Imre Daun: Drums
Martin Kronlund & Mats Olausson: Bass
Mats Olausson: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
Alistair Gordon
British 80s AOR
Track Listing
Hand To Mouth *
Mosquito *
Wall Of Silence *
Staring At The Sun *
When The Lights Go Down
Somethin Going On
One Day At A Time
Another World *
Shotgun Love
Heart Of Hearts
Anyway The Wind Blows *
Hide Your Love Away

--*Best Tracks

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