Pride Signs Of Purity Point Music
Produced By: Pride / Pete Coleman

Running Time: 56.55

Release Date: June 23

Released: EU

Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

Links: AOR Heaven
Songs: 94%
Sound: 89%
Pride's debut album was an extremely enjoyable slice of British AOR, mixing the mood of Dare with the classic melodic rock approach of White Lion and more recent stars of the melodic scene, Guild Of Ages.
As with many bands that follow up a debut after touring together, Pride are now getting tighter as an outfit and improving on their chemistry. Signs Of Purity also sees the band with a harder edge and a little more intense.
The 11 songs from Pride's second album see the band taking up where they left off, but improving their craft as they mature as a band.
To release a debut album as strong as Far From The Edge is unusual, so the guys would have found themselves in quite a difficult position in order to better that album. But I believe they have done just that. The good thing about Signs Of Purity is that you can virtually start the album at any point and find yourself enjoying a strong track with a good melody.
What I particularly enjoy apart from the raspy vocal delivery is the melodic guitar soloing, which appears out of the blue in intros, during the song itself and in the traditional guitar solo slot.
The album opens impressively, with what really could be one of the year's best melodic rockers. The pure moody melodic rock anthem Could You Believe will rate highly among fans and newcomers alike. A good intro to the album and bridge from the debut.
After that though, things get a little tougher. Somewhere, Someway is equally moody and intense, but more guitar driven and certainly a pace above normal tempo.
Story Of Our Lives is a little more laid back, but features a punchy chorus, while the mid-tempo rocker It's Just Me keeps the album flowing nicely.
Elsewhere Say You're Not Lonely is a first class mid-tempo rock anthem and album highlight, while One Time Around matches the style and mood of the debut album and the album closer Still Raining is a 7 minute plus heavy epic ballad. A little risk taking by the guys pays off. It's a great track that features some superb guitar soloing.
Heaven's Waiting is the album's only slow ballad a nicely stripped back acoustic number which gives the album a little extra diversity.
Keyboards are added as a supplement to the melody of the album, which suits the songs just fine. Above all else, this is a vocal and guitar driven record.
The Bottom Line
An excellent follow up to an excellent debut. Picking up where they left off, the band deliver a tighter and tougher collection of songs that seems them make some growth as a band, but never forgetting what made fans love their debut.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Far From The Edge
Signs of Purity

Line Up
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Essential for fans of:
Guild Of Ages
White Lion
Track Listing
Could You Believe*
Somewhere, Someway*
Story Of Our Lives
It's Just Me*
No Reasons Why
Say You're Not Lonley*
Learn To Fly
One Time Around
Heaven's Waiting
Still Raining
--*Best Tracks

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