Prayer Wrong Address Escape Music
· Produced By: Tapani Tikkanen

· Running Time: 49.41

· Release Date: July 25

· Released:

· Musical Style: AOR / Pomp

· Links: Escape Music
Songs: 89%
Sound: 83%
Finland has had strong musical growth in recent years - more so in the metal genre, where bands like Nightwish and Stratovarius have been making names for themselves worldwide. But the country has a good AOR scene also and Escape Music seem to have tapped into it. In recent months Myon and House Of Mirrors have been released and now it's Prayer's turn.
If you have found some delight in the releases from Myon and HOM, then changes are Prayer will suit perfectly.
In fact, I rate Prayer above both of those releases and think fans of keyboard driven 80's AOR will find a lot to like about this release.
Prayer has that European AOR sound and style about their music, but it isn't their sole influence. This is a varied and diverse release, but one constant remains - strong vocals throughout plus a swag of keyboards on every track.
The guys have written some great songs for Wrong Address. There are a couple of tracks towards the back end of the album which aren't as strong as those stacked towards the start, but generally speaking, the quality remains high.
Sound quality is pretty strong. That is of course, if you are into that whole 80's keyboard sound where the rhythm section plays second fiddle in a mix more dominated by louder vocals, guitars and keyboards.
It's hard to lock these guys into an exact comparison, as they really mix it up.
Secrets Of The Night and I Have Been Loving You are both glorious examples of pomp AOR that compares to classic John Wetton fronted Asia – as does the mellower Back On The Road – which features some lush keyboards and harmony vocals.
Running Wild doesn't get any more 80's and is an ideal precursor to the album's best track - Any One With Broken Heart. Believe me when I say that this is uptempo and anthemic pure Boston and beats anything off Boston's last couple of albums!
He Never Gave It All is another highlight; this uptempo pomp rocker has a great display of keyboard playing.
I Want You, Main Attraction and End Of Time are for me the weaker tracks on the album, but the closer Crossfire sees the band go out on a high note, with another great keyboard driven AOR track.
The Bottom Line
Probably not one for fans of heavier melodic rock, or titles with modern influences. This is one for fans of European pomp-AOR circa 1985-1988. The band's sound may appear a little thin, but it's merely their style – not a case of poor production, as this album sounds exactly as it should for the music within.
Very lite, very easy going and certainly very nice – stuff metal fans hate, but stuff classic AOR fans love and this comes recommended to those fans, who I believe will find a lot to like here.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Wrong Address

Line Up:
· Tapani Tikkanen: Vocals
· Mikko Kuusiniemi, Markku Keski-Mäenpää: Guitar
· Eki Ekfors: Drums
· Jaakko Pohjola: Bass
· Jari Huvila: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
· Myon
· Pomp AOR
Track Listing
· Secrets Of The Night*
· I Have Been Loving You*
· Back On The Road
· Running Wild
· Any One With Broken Heart*
· End Of Time
· He Never Gave It All
· I Want You
· Free Again
· Main Attraction
· Crossfire*
--*Best Tracks

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