Power Quest Magic Never Dies Majestic Rock Records
· Produced By: Karl Groom

· Running Time: 58.18

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released:

· Musical Style: Melodic Metal

· Links: Majestic Rock
Songs: 89%
Sound: 89%
UK melodic metal outfit Power Quest storm back with album number two.
With a new label behind them, one hopes they will reach a big audience – one which is currently lapping up material such as this from a range of other bands.
Power Quest play a brand of melodic power hard rock. I'm hesitant to label it metal, as it is so melodic in its approach. But the speed and power of some songs and a double-kick drum onslaught certainly will appeal to metal fans.
Swirling keyboards and higher pitch vocals will see fans of Stratovarius, Royal Hunt and Last Tribe appreciate what's on offer here.
The band has a certain pomp delivery that reminds me of Magnum's approach, yet the power is more in line with Royal Hunt.
Take Soulfire for example – it is as melodic as could be, yet has the rhythm section of Slayer! Ok, so I exaggerate a little there…I think the rhythm section of Power Quest are on high protein milkshakes, as their delivery is frantic throughout.
From the opening bars of Find My Heaven to the closing beats of Magic Never Dies, these guys rock.
The pace may not vary much, but the lush keyboards and powerhouse vocals of Italian Alessio Garavello make sure things stay interesting.
This album has more hooks and melodies than Journey, but their power might just scare some of those lighter AOR fans away.
The higher pitch vocals aren't for everyone either, but they vary a hell of a lot more than say Shy's Tony Mills, who regularly gets high praise.
The album's big ballad The Message is an outstanding example of powerful melodic hard rock, sounding like Magnum meeting the power of Asia is the lush production delivery.
The Bottom Line
The band has a great sound and offers something different for fans of melodic metal. Where Saidian, Circus Maximus, Kinrick and Bruce Dickinson offer fans one side of the metal coin, Power Quest matches the style of Royal Hunt and Rob Rock in offering the alternative.
Thanks to an amazing production and a brilliant vocal performance, not to mention some extremely memorable songs, Magic Never Dies is a first rate power-album.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Neverworld
· Magic Never Dies

Line Up:
· Alessio Garavello: Vocals
· Andrea Martongelli: Guitar
· Francesco Tresca: Drums
· Steve Scott: Bass
· Steve Williams: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
· British Melodic Metal
· Royal Hunt
Track Listing
· Ascension (Intro)
· Find My Heaven*
· Galaxies Unknown
· Hold On To Love*
· Diamond Sky
· The Message*
· Soulfire*
· Children Of The Dream
· Strike Force
· Another World
· Magic Never Dies
--*Best Tracks

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