Track Listing
· Parachute
· I Love You
· Elton John
· You're The One (1)
· How Many Nights
· Let Me Out
· Darkest Hour
· Stuck On You
· Better Off Dead (2)
· Don't Spread Your Lies (1)

(*) Best Tracks

Discography & (Rank)
· Long Way From Home (3)
· Acoustica
· USAcoustica
· Lovemetal (2)
· PP - Big (1)

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Line Up
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Z Records
· Produced By: Gerhard Pichler & Ted Poley
· Running Time: 47.12 · Genre: AOR
· Release Date: October 14 · Released: EU
· WebLink: Ted Poley · LabelLink: Z Records

Ted Poley and Gerhard Pichler's new album is essentially the third Melodica album.
With each of the first two, the guys got better and with Melodica, the songs were again better than Bone Machine which preceded that.
So as Ted has been working on an upward curve, I am pleased to say that trend continued with Big.
If you have never been a fan of Ted, or his brand of pure AOR, then this is unlikely to reel you in.
But, if you have been a fan at any point and better still, have always been a fan, then this album should rate as one of his best efforts yet and is certainly the best of the three albums with Austrian guitar wiz Gerhard Pichler.
Considering this album was again recorded off the guy's own payroll, without any label backing, it is a wonder it sounds as good as it does.
No, it's not a major label production or anything to rival Def Leppard, but it has heart, it has soul and it has passion. Tons of it!
I have a great deal of affection for Ted and his music. There aren't too many albums of pure melodic AOR about, so it's always good to hear new stuff from Ted, who has spent a career doing this.
Kicking off the album is Parachute, an uptempo rocker with an instantly recognizable hook and extended feel good AOR chorus. Musically the song contains more layers then the guys have previously tried, with acoustic and electric guitars at work and some good harmony vocals adding needed texture.
I Love You is another of those catchy Melodica numbers that sees the lead guitar lick holding much of the songs melodies. Credit needs to go to Gerhard for 'speaking' through his guitar.
The song is uptempo again, but not as much as the opening track and the chorus is another instantly memorable slice of AOR.
The guys try something new with the track Elton John. A tribute to the man himself, the track features another cool guitar break in accompaniment with some tasty piano work – again, in tribute to the man himself. The song is uptempo, but has a love song feel to it, with the lyrics easily adaptable.
You're The One is one of my favorite tracks. It's a mid tempo ballad that features some strong harmony vocals and a pleasant vocal hook and chorus. Almost reminiscent of Seventh One era Toto…almost!
How Many Nights is another solid mid tempo feel good love song. Typical of what the guys have done before and what Ted has always done.
Let Me Out picks up the tempo nicely. Just when you felt like a bop-a-long rocker, this track does the job. It's basically another feel good song with sweet vocals and cleaver lyrics.
Darkest Hour is another good change of pace. This time we have a darker, slow and moody ballad, featuring piano and acoustic guitars and a soft, laid back approach.
Stuck On You continues the mood of the last track, albeit with a slightly faster tempo. Moody and sultry and featuring another good chorus when it eventually comes around.
Better Off Dead is one of the better sounding tracks production wise. A somewhat bulkier sound and layered harmonies helps the song to new heights for the band. The soft ballad features a great chorus that is one of my favorite of the album.
Closing the album is the uptempo rocker Don't Spread Your Lies. Finishing the album on a strong note, this song is a melodic monster. A great chorus and strong production make this track another highlight. I like the tougher sound featured here.
The last two tracks and the opening couple of tracks show clear development with Ted and Gerhard's songwriting and production skills.

The Bottom Line
The guy's best album to date and a perfect example of soft, melodic and romantic American AOR.
The guys have done a great job putting it together. The style isn't for everyone - but for those that dig this sort of thing - you won't find many better.
Sundries - Artwork is ok, running time is perfect. Personally I might have changed the song order, but that's a minor point. I just liked a few of the album's last tracks the best.

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