Plunge Hometown Hero Atenzia Records
Produced By: Scott Spelbring & Plunge

Running Time: 38.09

Release Date: Out Now (SE), January (ROW)

Released: SE

Musical Style: Modern Rock

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Songs: 78%
Sound: 86%
Plunge is a new modern hard rock outfit out of the USA that features SR-71 member Mike Ruocco. But this is not a newly designed side-project. Mike formed Plunge when he was a teenager, alongside bass player Brian Magill and drummer Mac Calvaresi.
Mike has worked for several years to complete this album, which was signed by Atenzia after SR-71 toured through Europe.
The album was produced by the band together with Scot Spelbring (Marvellous 3, SR-71), so there are no prizes for guessing the band's sound is close to that of the star nu-breed outfit.
The album was mixed by Jeff Juliano (Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Jason Mraz), so a guarantee of sound quality is easy to provide.
This is a great sounding record for fans of the nu-breed / modern rock sound. Naturally it compares to SR-71 and also Mars Electric and Neve, but Plunge does miss something those acts have a certain uniqueness.
The music is good, the sound is great, but there isn't anything unique to the band to help them grab the attention of prospective fans. The band's sound is just a little to close to others in the genre and a couple of extra catchy choruses could have helped big time.
The opening track Running Away is one clear exception this track has it all moodiness, big chorus and big riffs - and is one of the better modern rock anthems of 2004.
Elsewhere Hometown Hero has a good hook and Part Time Girlfriend rocks along at a pleasing pace.
One More Time is possibly the best track of the album, with its heavy, moody presence and a passionate chorus hook. More like this track along with the opening song is what I would have liked to hear more of and what would have helped the album stand out in a crowd.
The Bottom Line
If you are a fan of Mars Electric and SR-71 and are looking for more along those lines, you will find this a very consistent and enjoyable album, although a little unremarkable at the same time. While this is a well produced and well mixed album, with a couple of killer tracks, the overall result misses a certain spark to capture the listener's attention.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Hometown Hero

Line Up
Mike Ruocco: Vocals, Guitar
Mac Calvaresi: Drums
Brian Magill: Bass

Essential for fans of:
Mars Electric
Track Listing
Running Away*
Wasted On Your Love
Hometown Hero*
Part-Time Girlfriend
Fall Into One
Ordinary Girl
One More Time*
Stuck In Madison
--*Best Tracks

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