Pleasure Dome For Your Personal Amusement Escape Music
Produced By: Charlie Clav

Running Time: 43.30

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: Melodic Rock

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Songs: 83%
Sound: 90%
This is not your typical melodic rock release, nor your typical Ted Poley release. In fact, it isn't really a Poley release at all. It is project put together by Charlie Calv (Shotgun Symphony/The Way) along with fellow East Coast rockers David Tsien (guitars), Ed Avila (bass) and John Hummel (drums).
The album is also a conceptual release, with a story spanning the length of the album's 12 tracks (2 of those being abbreviated instrumentals).
The record has a cool sound Charlie always delivers great sounding records and it is great to hear Ted Poley singing outside his comfort zone and in a more aggressive manner to which we normally hear him.
It is far from an instant record and far from a straight forward musical arrangement. At times progressive, at times aggressive, but never too heavy or too far from the guy's musical roots.
The first lead vocal for Ted is Trapped and he really delivers a powerful vocal here, even if the song itself isn't defined by a traditional verse/chorus arrangement.
One And Only is a more straight forward and traditional melodic rocker with a commercial Poley chorus.
The Aura That Surrounds You is another challenging progressive/aggressive melodic hard rock tune that offers something different, but will not to be everyone's tastes.
Praying For A Miracle again head back into familiar commercial territory with acoustic guitars driving a strong melodic base. Continuing the pattern of commercial/complex, Always Tomorrow again mixes things up, but the chorus here is very likable and one of the highlights.
This is where things go a little south for me. Three songs here - a female lead vocal is the most prominent over two of the tracks and the middle one is an instrumental.
Ted Poley takes a back seat and it is not until the heavy progressive track 10 Return To Zero that he returns to the fore.
Save The World is the last vocal track of the album and I like the vibe of the track and the aggressive uptempo beat, but a stronger chorus would have been more desirable. There are some cool melodies in play within the track and layers of instrumentation.
The Bottom Line
A strong release for those that want something a little different to wrap their ears around. The production is great, Ted Poley delivers a strong vocal and you can't argue with the intelligent arrangements. But it isn't an album that will appeal to all, due to the more challenging nature of the songs and album structure. The songs require some patience and exploring to get to know, but there are rewards should you chose to do so.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
For Your Personal Amusement

Line Up:
Ted Poley: Vocals
David Tsien: Guitars
John Hummel: Drums
Ed Avila: Bass
Charlie Calv: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
Ted Poley
Charlie Calv - Shotgun Symphony/The Way
Track Listing
Trapped *
One and Only *
The Aura That Surrounds You
Praying For A Miracle *
Always Tomorrow *
Love Is a Game
Seems Like a Dream
I Won't Cry
Return to Zero
(Who Will) Save the World

--*Best Tracks

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