Pink Cream 69 In10sity Frontiers Records
Produced By: Dennis Ward

Running Time: 59.16

Release Date: March 23


Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

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Songs: 94%
Sound: 94%
What is about a band that can put aside all previous recordings to concentrate on making the best one possible right here and right now?
It is rare for a band with such catalogue depth to be able to turn in one of their best efforts ever, yet it happens from time to time.
Last year Toto and House Of Lords pulled it off this year Pink Cream 69 are the first, and hopefully not the last to do it. Class is the first thing. Respect for their fans and their musical heritage also comes into it.
This is Pink Cream 69's 10th studio album. And yes, I rate it as one of their very best and I don't expect there will be many disagreeing with that.
The band has simply taken their time here writing a great set of songs that stick to the style the band are loved for, yet still sounding fresh and inspired.
The reason I rate this as one of the band's best albums is the fact that each song has an identifiable hook. This album is easy to appreciate and easy to get into and the slightly increased heaviness only serves to reinforce the powerful performances.
For a hard rocking album, this record has some very commercial moments.
Children Of The Dawn is a stomping hard rocker to get the album off to a flyer. A pounding rhythm section the driving force behind the song.
No Way Out isn't as heavy, but the tempo is up another notch, the band turning in a classic PC69 riff/rocker with a catchy chorus.
The always enjoyable vocals of David Readman are as brilliant as ever; at times I can hear a little Jeff Scott Soto rasp in there as well as a little of the Talisman funk especially on the less intense swagger of Crossfire.
I'm Not Afraid is one of the definite gems of the album. The chorus is sublime, yet instant and I find myself singing it hours later for no reason at all.
Funnily enough I could be singing that tune or any number of the albums songs. A New Religion, The Hour Of Freedom and Stop This Madness all rock along with a good pace and every one of the choruses is equally as infectious as the each other.
Desert Land is the first sign of a change of pace and it only lasts a minute 30.
Out Of This World heads to a darker place with a less obvious chorus, but it fits the pace of the album well.
It also kicks off a darker and heavier passage of music featuring It's Just A State Of Mind and the imposing Wanna Hear You Rock.
The European bonus track is no album filler either. My Darkest Hour continues the moodier vibe of the second half of the album and rocks hard.
The album closes with a lighter moment the rock ballad Last Train To Nowhere.
The Bottom Line
For a band's 10th studio album to be so strong is credit to all involved. A smoking, yet highly accessible melodic hard rock album, In10sity comes with a double compliment utterly essential for all Pink Cream 69 fans and also recommended as a perfect starting point for those that might not yet have been exposed to the charms of this German rock outfit with their English lead singer.
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Line Up:
David Readman: Vocals
Alfred Koffler, Uwe Reitenauer: Guitar
Kosta Zafiriou: Drums
Dennis Ward: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
Pink Cream 69
Dennis Ward
David Readman
Track Listing
Children of the Dawn *
No Way Out *
I'm Not Afraid *
A New Religion *
The Hour of Freedom *
Stop This Madness
Desert Land
Out Of This World
It's Just a State of Mind
Wanna Hear You Rock
My Darkest Hour
Last Train to Nowhere *

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