Tom Galley The Creator Of Phenomena
Escape Music / AOR Heaven
ESM 125
Produced By: Tom Galley

Running Time: 47.06

Release Date: February 10


Musical Style: Hard Rock

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Songs: 75%
Sound: 85%
Tom Galley The Creator Of Phenomena says the title I was requested to credit this release to quite a mouthful, but an indication that this isn't a straight continuation of the Phenomena legacy, but rather something new.
Elements of the atmospheric and almost eerie Phenomena records are present including a return of Glenn Hughes to perform lead vocals on some of the album's pivotal tracks.
At the heart of the album is of course Mel Galley's guitar work and songwriting vision. The only other return guest from past installments is vocalist Keith Murrell.
This is not an easy album to get into and it won't appeal across the spectrum due to its nature. PsychoFantasy tells a story and the music within runs the gauntlet of emotions.
What surprised me was the tone of this release. It is a lot heavier and the majority of the tracks rock, with little time for more subtle passages of music you might normally associate with Phenomena.
The guitar tone is updated to a more modern feel and there is a definite aggressive tone to proceedings. Sometimes that works (So Near So Far) and sometimes it doesn't (Killing For The Thrill).
Glenn Hughes doesn't disappoint on Keep On Running, How Do You Feel and Higher, with his own guitarist JJ Marsh also contributing.
While not overly commercial in their approach, Tony Martin's two lead vocals also impress (Chemical High & God Gives).
On the downside, the album takes a lot of listening to and there appears to be a lack of major hooks. There are subtle time changes and central parts to each song, but no hook that really knocks me out.
Something of note I think the whole album sounds as if it was written for Glenn Hughes, as even the other singers used adopt his style of vocal delivery. Take a listen to Sunrise and especially Crazy Grooves. The CD booklet lacks detail so I can't credit the singer, but he sure does mimic Hughes.
The Bottom Line
Not an easy album to get into, but not one without merit. The sound has been toughened up and updated for the new millennium and there is no faulting the performances featured. The songs however are a little same-ish and despite rocking, don't move along at a very fast pace. One for fans of Mel Galley and Glenn Hughes, but others should sample further first.
Dream Runner
Inner Vision

Line Up:
Glenn Hughes, Tony Martin, Keith Murrell, Lee Small, Matt Moreton, Joy Strachan: Vocals
Mel Galley, Andy Shortland, J.J. Marsh: Guitars
Orlin Radinsky: Drums
Richard Lynn: Bass
Ian Rowlands, Tom Brown: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
Track Listing
Keep On Running *
Killing For The Thrill
So Near So Far *
Chemical High
Higher *
60 Seconds
Crazy Grooves
How Do You Feel
All That I Need
God Gives
--*Best Tracks

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