Panik A Page Torn Escape Music
· Produced By: Corey McFadyen

· Running Time: 42.40

· Release Date: March 29

· Released: EU

· Musical Style: Modern Melodic Rock

· Links: Escape Music
Songs: 88%
Sound: 92%
These guys have a great sound. Panik hail from Canada, but don't have a sound that could necessarily pin them to a set location.
I agree with press comparisons to Matchbox Twenty, Seven & The Sun, Goo Goo Dolls and even Nickelback. I'm not sure about the Audioslave reference in their bio - these guys aren't as intense, nor as heavy or as modern as those guys, but I would add modern pop/rockers MilesAbove to the comparisons.
These fellow Canadians share that love of catchy pop rock harmonies with a modern twist and also share producers in Corey Mcfadyen. And add in the softer side of the– these guys are fairly laid back with the overall tempo of their songs, but they certainly know how to write a catchy song.
Track By Track:
Crush is a solid album opener and sets up the album.
Find A Way is a gem of a track. It's a commercial modern rock track with a very melodic instant chorus that I could see working on any radio playlist in the world.
Amazing is a mid-tempo rock track with a softer chorus and mellow vibe. Again the layers with the track and the excellent lead vocals and catchy chorus make for a memorable track.
Gear Girl is mellower again, and sound wise heads into a Nickelback ballad vibe. Another strong (but short) chorus is featured.
It's about time for a rocker and Harder is just that. This showcases the harder edge of the band, but remains a fairly easy going pop rocker.
Die For You is another mid to uptempo number that sounds a little like a more modern U2. An interesting song with a strong lead vocal performance.
Another Thing Coming is believe it or not, a cover of the Judas Priest classic. This is the heaviest track of the album and is a good fun track. It would be cool to hear live.
Fly is a tough rock ballad and one of the better slower tracks on the album. A powerful musical accompaniment helps the overall intensity.
Friends is another catchy mid-tempo modern pop track.
Middle is a little tougher – clearly more aggressive than some other tracks, especially with the lead vocal.
Life Worth Living is a laid back pop rocker along the lines of several other tracks on the album.
In A Moment is a tougher more actively guitar driven track that showcases another aspect of the band's sound and is a good positive track to round out the album.
The Bottom Line
Panik's debut is well worth picking up for those that love modern rock influences over straight forward catchy pop/rock songs. There is an air of sameishness in places, but it really is a fine debut and a strong collection of songs. The band would consider themselves unlucky not to be signed to a major label, but Escape wisely snapped them up and couldn't have picked a better release to celebrate their 100th release.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· A Page Turned

Line Up
· Rick Legacy: Vocals, Guitar
· Ang Cimino: Guitar
· Brian Hamilton: Drums
· Mark Piraino : Bass

Essential for fans of:
· MilesAbove
· Matchbox Twenty, Goo Goo Dolls
Track Listing
· Crush
· Find A Way*
· Amazing
· Gear Girl
· Harder*
· Die For You*
· Another Thing Coming
· Fly*
· Friends
· Middle
· Life Worth Living
· In A Moment
--*Best Tracks

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