Overland Diamond Dealer Escape Music
· Produced By: Martin Kronlund

· Running Time: 57.43

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released:

· Musical Style: AOR

· Links: Escape Music
Songs: 88%
Sound: 93%
Steve Overland is becoming the wandering gypsy of melodic rock. From The Ladder, to Shadowman, to his duties back with FM, to his own solo brand Overland. He's a man on a mission after several years in the wilderness.
The first Overland release was a partnership with Grand Illusion's Anders Rydholm. The style was heavily driven by Ander's own Grand Illusion pomp quirkiness, but was a good, if not different fit for Steve.
Now for the second Overland release we have a completely different team on board and we find Steve Overland back into his comfort zone, producing, straight forward soulful British AOR. The primary writing and performance partner here is the much respected Norwegian rocker Tor Talle. Tor handles all guitars and keyboards and co-writes the material with Steve Overland.
And for the remaining backing band and production - yes, it's the Martin Kronlund production team yet again! But you really can't argue with the quality they deliver and Martin always makes his records sound great – even when moving across different styles.
As stated, Diamond Dealer is a more traditional British AOR record. The first Overland was quite confronting and heavy in places, but the name of the game here is….smooth!
Yes, smooth vocals…smooth songs…lush production and majority mid-tempo songs. The quality is unquestionable and Steve sounds in perfect voice – really solid.
The only issue I confront from time to time during the album is a slight lack of variation in the pace. Minor point.
Highlights from the album include the Bon Jovi-ish groove of Train, Train; the glorious AOR of You Lift Me Up (one of the best Overland sung songs in a long time); the smooth 80s influenced Where Is The Love; the soft ballad Brave New World; the uptempo City Of Dreams, which features a great chorus; the supper slick I'm Still Breathing; the anthemic AOR of Hearts Don't Lie and the big closing ballad Coming Home (featuring some great guitar work).
The Bottom Line
Another winner for Steve Overland and a record that will be a more comfortable fit for long time fans of his smooth vocals. Nothing out of the box here – just straight ahead traditional AOR sung with soul and passion. Fans of Shadowman and FM should already have this on pre-order, if not – hop to it!
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Break Away
· Diamond Dealer

Line Up:
· Steve Overland: Vocals
· Tor Talle: Guitars, Keyboards
· Martin Kronlund: Rhythm Guitars
· Imre Daun: Drums
· Henrik Thomsen: Bass
· Egil Orvedal: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
· Steve Overland
· Shadowman & FM
· Tor Talle
Track Listing
· Train, Train *
· You Lift Me Up *
· Where Is The Love *
· Brave New World *
· Roll Back The Years
· City Of Dreams *
· I'm Still Breathing
· Rise
· Hearts Dont Lie *
· After the Storm
· Bring Me Water
· Coming Home *

--*Best Tracks

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