On The Rise Dream Zone Frontiers Records
Produced By: Terje Eide

Running Time: 50.47

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: AOR

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Songs: 83%
Sound: 88%
A mere 6 years since On The Rise's debut album comes the follow-up Dream Zone. Some changes have taken place since the debut not long after the release of the acclaimed self titled album, the duo of Terje Eide (lead & background vocals, guitars) and Bennech Lyngboe (lead & background vocals) split, leaving Terje as the lone member and driving force behind the name.
The new album has familiar elements to that of the debut the style is certainly the same commercial, light and breezy 80s European AOR, but this time there is only one vocalist.
The production style is also different this album still has a consistent sound, but this time a more stripped back and less polished style. A little rougher and a little rawer.
I prefer the slick sound of the debut, but that's ok. I'm enjoying this album for what it is a classic style AOR release with a European flavor and there are some more fine songs on here.
Lifeline and Lost Your Track are both terrific Survivor-esque tracks co-written by rising star Christian Wolff.
Fly Away and Why Wait Another Day are also great melodic rock tunes with distinct chorus hooks. Why Wait is the third Wolff co-write and an album highlight.
The moody and mellow Howling At The Moon is another highlight featuring one of the better harmony vocal displays.
The closing bonus track Find A Way is maybe the best track of the whole album not sure why it is relegated to bonus track status at the end of the album. Very cool Mecca style AOR.
It between these highlights are some ok tracks, but I must say that those highlighted are all co-writes. Terje is a terrific guy, but perhaps he benefits most from working with a co-writer. Some of the tunes penned by himself struggle to flow as easily as the others and the chorus hooks are not as immediate. There is just something missing and I sense that in several places throughout the album.
The Bottom Line
A good classic AOR style album here which is always welcomed. There are some moments of true class that match the debut, but overall the strength of songwriting is just not as strong or as instant as the debut and the less polished approach perhaps only serves to exaggerate that feeling.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
On The Rise
Dream Zone

Line Up:
Terje Eide: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Bass
Erik Engebretsen: Drums
Eric Ragno: Keyboards
Christian Wolff: Keyboards, Bass, Guitars

Essential For Fans Of:
On The Rise
Track Listing
Lifeline *
Lost Your Track *
Dream Zone
In The Line Of Fire
Get Out Of Here
Fly Away *
No Time To Lose
Why Wait Another Day *
Tomorrow Never Dies
Howling At The Moon *
Find A Way (Bonus Track) *

--*Best Tracks

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