Nickelback Dark Horse Roadrunner
RR 8028-2
· Produced By: Mutt Lange, Joey Moi & Nickelback

· Running Time: 43.38

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released: World

· Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

· Links: Nickelback
Songs: 85%
Sound: 96%
I nearly fell off my chair when I read master producer Mutt Lange had teamed up with Nickelback to help produce their new album.
Of all the bands in the world, Mutt chose to make a rare appearance on this release. Interesting… I know I'll get hate mail for this, but I have always rated Nickelback as one of the more boring modern rock outfits around. They are like the Hootie And The Blowfish of modern rock – as bland as they come.
But, if anyone can make Chad Kroeger's voice bearable, it would be Mutt.
And sure enough…Mutt's magic is alive and well and all over this record. Not only does Kroeger sound ok (sorry, you won't get anything more than that out of me there), but this album features the biggest, baddest and fattest sound the band have put to disc to date.
The rhythm section on this album is simply stupendous and literally blows out of the speakers.
And even better Mutt joins in the songwriting adding co-writer credits on 5 tracks. I never thought Nickelback would be comparable to Bryan Adams and Shania Twain, but that commercial FM radio influence Mutt dictates sees several tracks here sounding at home on either of those other two artists' own records.
I do think the lyrical content of the record is banal at times…the sexual innuendo is a little lame. But you just can't fault the monster sound and the fact that your feet are tapping along with the record from note 1.
Something In Your Mouth (gee, I wonder what?) is a monster rocker and the lead singer Gotta Be Somebody is classic Nickelback.
Burn It To The Ground has a beat Motley Crue and AC/DC would be proud of and the ballad I'd Come For You (Mutt co-write) is a modern rock radio hit in waiting. I expect that to be the next single.
Mutt's magic is again in play with the monster ballad Never Gonna be Alone (another single and hit) and the curious Def Leppard/Shania Twain hybrid boot-scoters Shakin' Heads and This Afternoon.
If Today Was Your Last Day is a strong mid-tempo acoustic modern melodic rocker with one of my favourite vocals on the album.
There are fillers though – Next Go Round being the worst culprit and the lyrics to S.E.X. are horrible.
The Bottom Line
An interesting record and one that surprised even me. Great sound that I wish all bands had. Mutt doesn't come cheap though but Nickelback's investment has paid off big time with what I think is their most commercial record to date. Die hard fans may not accept the style change as much, but casual fans will love.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Silver Side Up
· All The Right Reasons
· Dark Horse

Line Up:
· Chad Kroeger: Vocals
· Ryan Peake: Guitars
· Daniel Adair: Drums
· Mike Kroeger: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
· Nickelback
· Bryan Adams goes Modern Rock
Track Listing
· Something In Your Mouth
· Burn It To The Ground *
· Gotta Be Somebody *
· I'd Come For You *
· Next Go Round
· Just To Get High
· Never Gonna Be Alone *
· Shakin' Hands
· S.E.X.
· If Today Was Your Last Day
· This Afternoon

--*Best Tracks

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