Sign Of The Modern Times
Escape Music
Produced By: Newman & Pete Coleman

Running Time: 52.54

Release Date: August 18

Released: EU

Musical Style: Melodic Rock / AOR

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Songs: 90%
Sound: 94%
Steve Newman returns with his first album for 3 years if you don't include the shelved Butterfly Tattoo album. Joining Steve is Pete Jupp and Mike Brooks, with producer Peter Coleman adding his input.
Pleasingly, despite the 3 year absence, Newman returns, picking up where he left off with some notable improvements.
First of all the songwriting has matured further. There is more emphasis on a memorable hook and stronger choruses. There is also another dimension to the performance.
The album is same pure melodic rock with touches of English AOR that the previous album shave offered, but has added attraction of a tougher and more direct approach as the album as a whole is more guitar driven.
Keyboards are given their usual prominent role in the mix, but the heavier guitar tone and Steve's strong vocals are what drive the record.
The urgency of the opening track Save Me Tonight is evident. A verse-bridge-chorus setup is always popular and the hooks within this track make it one of Newman's best.
Following that is arguably the best track of Newman's career. Last Known Survivors is precisely why fans buy these kinds of records - moody verse, solid guitar riff, a change of pace for the bridge then a big feel-good chorus. Great stuff!
Elsewhere on the album Masquerade is a great moody mid-tempo track, You Should Be Gone and Heart V Desire are both classy examples of the melodic rock genre and the ballad Watching You is a classic slice of British AOR.
The Bottom Line
This is definitely Newman's best album to date and will please fans of British melodic rock and AOR and fans of the more traditional 80's style of melodic music.
Great performances all round are enhanced by a crisp and even production.
The only way I can see Newman getting better is if every chorus was as strong as the opening two tracks then he would be unbeatable.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
One Step Closer
Dance In The Fire
Sign Of The Modern Times

Line Up
Steve Newman: Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars
Pete Jupp: Drums
Mike Brooke: Bass

Essential for fans of:
Newman - Dance In The Fire
Heartland - Communication Down
Departure - Corporate Wheel
Track Listing
Save Me Tonight*
Last Known Survivors*
Rivers Flow
You Should Be Gone*
Watching You*
Heart V Desire
Don't Keep Me Waiting
What You Do To Me
Sign Of The Modern Times
Worlds Apart
--*Best Tracks

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