Newman Primitive Soul Indie / Chrome Dome Music
· Produced By: Steve Newman

· Running Time: 58.58

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released:

· Musical Style: Melodic Rock

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Songs: 90%
Sound: 90%
The ever reliable and always consistent Steve Newman returns with a brand new album, once again taking full control of proceedings by writing, recording and performing most of the music contained within this release.
And he takes it one step further by also releasing the album independently for the first time in his career.
Around all of this he has found the time to write another set of compelling and catchy British modeled melodic rock tunes that will instantly appeal to his long time fans and further promote the fact that he is a very fine talent within this scene.
Primitive Soul does two things which seem to contradict each other. He continues the songwriting style of the last couple of albums, but at the same time this album steps away from the production style of those records into a fresh direction.
That doesn't mean this is anything that Newman fans won't instantly recognize, it is merely a record with a different sonic approach.
I like what I hear too – this is a more organic, somewhat stripped down release with a less polished veneer and a more live in the studio feel. Quite a feat considering recording this live in the studio at the same would be a physical impossibility considering Steve plays guitar, bass and keyboards.
Joining him is the drummer from the last album Rob McEwen along with Mark Thompson-Smith on backing vocals and Mr. Everywhere, Tommy Denander guesting on the track Cold Day In Hell.
I didn't find this record as instant as the last couple of releases and at the end of the day I probably prefer those by a narrow margin, but that does mean there aren't some fresh classics delivered here.
Heading For Your Heart will again rate highly at the end of the year in the best song lists, with it's stabbing beat and classic melodic rock chorus.
15 Minute Revolution has a biting lyric and great message and the arrangement gives you something to continually go back and grow into.
Primitive Soul is quite sparse musically, very raw…but is nothing short of classic Newman and Still Can't Find The Words is a beautiful soft, acoustic driven ballad.
Last Flight continues the classic uptempo melodic rocking Newman style and completes a very fine first half of the album.
Highlights from the second half include the moody, but uptempo For The Man I Am; the Giant-esque groove of Cold Day In Hell; the amazing ballad The Rapture and the punchy rock of Give It All You Got.
As you can see – highlights are considerable as per usual and as expected from Newman.
The Bottom Line
I don't think there is as much emphasis on choruses for the second half of the record, which probably explains why I found this required extra listens before I got to know it. That said, the album reveals itself as yet another fine piece of British melodic rock performed by one of the most consistent artists of the last 5 years.
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· One Step Closer
· Dance In The Fire
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· Heaven Knows
· Primitive Soul

Line Up:
· Steve Newman: Vocals, Bass, Guitars & Keyboards
· Rob McEwan: Drums

Essential For Fans Of:
· Newman
· British AOR
Track Listing
· Heading For Your Heart *
· 15 Minute Revolution *
· Primitive Soul *
· Still Can't Find The Words *
· Last Flight
· Falling Like Stone
· For The Man I Am
· Cold Day In Hell *
· I Get Torn
· Rapture
· Give It All You Got
· Mystery To Me

--*Best Tracks

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