Neal Schon i on u Favored Nations
FN 2430-2
Produced By: Igor Len & Neal Schon

Running Time: 60.30

Release Date: Out Now

Released: US

Musical Style: Instrumental Guitar

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Songs: 87%
Sound: 85%
Journey/Bad English/Soul SirkUS guitarist Neal Schon returns for his latest solo outing I On U.
Neal's ability to play any style has seen him vary his approach over each solo album, but I On You sees the man stripping it back and keeping it simple which in turn serves him well, as the guitar really speaks to the listener here and the solos are precisely what fans will be hoping to hear.
The album was co-written and produced with Igor Len. The two work together well as they have an established relatioship through their collaboration on Neal's album Electric World. Having this common theme through the record keeps the music and delivery consistent.
Not since Neal's sensational debut solo album Late Nite have I heard a group of instrumental songs that really speak to the listener and hold the interest such as this selection of tracks.
The songs center around a mid-tempo vibe, with a couple of up and a couple of slower numbers to add balance.
The addition of live drums on all but 2 tracks helps create a fuller sound and the additional loops and programming added by Igor create the variations between songs.
The rest is all Neal and I On U sees him in fine 'tone'. Standouts include the uptempo Blue Passion, with a progressive beat and a great set of solos; the 7 minute long Timeless Motion, which reminds me of his early days in Santana; the haunting Moon Dust and the snappy Burning Bridges.
The Bottom Line
Another winner from Neal Schon and a fine addition to his solo catalogue. An album for both late night easy listening and mid-day inspiration. The album covers all bases, while remaining focused and for me is one of the best Schon solo outings.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Late Nite
Beyond The Thunder
Electric World
Piranha Blues
i on u

Line Up
Neal Schon: Guitars, Synth Solo, Bass
Igor Len: All Keyboards & Sequencing
Omar Hakim: Drums
Gary Cirimelli: Drum Programming

Essential for fans of:
Neal Schon
Guitar Instrumentals
Track Listing
Blue Passion*
I On U
Timeless Motion*
The Chamber
Urban Angel
Moon Dust
Loner's Dream
Burning Bridges*
It Will Happen
Taken There
--*Best Tracks

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