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Produced By: Not Listed

Running Time: 45.58

Release Date: May 23

Released: EU

Musical Style: Progressive Pop/Rock

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Songs: 88%
Sound: 80%
Myon is one of those quirky rock groups which offer up something a little different than the standard melodic hard rock fare. While Finland is famous for its musical quirks, it's normally reserved for bands from the heavier side of life.
Myon have a progressive edge added to their unique delivery of melodic pop rock.
These guys really mix it up and deliver an album that readers of this site will either love or loathe. Those that love it will embrace it as something original, mixing pop and progressive and those that don't will be those that prefer their AOR delivered straight up classic style.
This is the band's third album and it shows, as it's a strong body of songs. This is a progressive rock album presented in a pop setting, much like the band these guys most compare to Canada's legendary prog-pop outfit Saga.
So, the delivery is a little quirky, but behind that lie some well written songs.
For example, check out Forgive Not Forget the track has a classic AOR feel to it, with a lead vocal close to that of Ken Tamplin, surrounded by swirling keyboards and the odd change in timing.
The ballad Died For The Moment adds a touch of dramatic flair, especially with the vocals and following that, Take Your Side continues the darker mid-album edge.
Elsewhere Still Alive has a 80's pop beat and crunchy guitar riff; How Does It Feel has a great hook, although the drum machine is a bit off putting.
Fire/Water closes the album with a bang it's a little heavier and the sound is definitely fuller.
Vocalist Jukka Nummi has a voice not unlike Christian rocker Ken Tamplin. While definitely not as commanding in his delivery, his tone however is very pleasing to the ear and helps make the album more enjoyable.
The Bottom Line
The sound is described as clear and fresh. I agree on those points, but think it sounds a little thin in places, especially the drum sound. Drum loops are used in places and the bass could be higher in the mix. However, the overall song quality for the band and it is relatively consistent across the whole album and this should appeal to those that like a taste of progressive music but from the softer side of the spectrum.
Heaven's Garden
Ghost In Paradise

Line Up
Jukka Nummi: Vocals
Risto Silenius: Guitar
Matti Torro: Drums
Keijo Koivikko: Bass
Mika Pohola : Keyboards

Essential for fans of:
Track Listing
Still Alive*
Scars of the Heart
Forgive Not Forget*
Died For The Moment*
Take Your Side
Before Or Too Late
Human Nature
So Long
How Does It Feel
Living The Fantasy
The Letter
--*Best Tracks

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