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· Musical Style: AOR

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Songs: 86%
Sound: 87%
It has been a strong year for traditional AOR and Myland help further the cause. Coming from Italy, the group features vocalist Guido Priori, who is best known in this scene for a Journey tribute record that was floating around as a promo a year or two back.
Now he has a band and an album of originals that naturally relies on Journey influences for their sound and his Steve Perry tone vocals.
I would compare Guido's vocals more to former Shy vocalist Tony Mills or even Rob Moratti of Final Frontier. You get the idea though – very high pitched AOR vocals.
I wasn't sold on the Journey project at all…the production was average and the vocals grated on me and if I'm honest, I must say that I'm still not huge on the vocals – they feature a heavy accent and can be a little too concentrated on the high octaves without much lower register the balance them out.
But this is a much better performance than the Journey tribute album and a far superior production. In fact, the solid production lifts it above several competitors.
And the material itself is very likable.
The 10 tracks on offer here all feature decent choruses, lots of guitar and plenty of solos and a healthy dose of mid-80s keyboards.
Guests on the album include guitarist Kee Marcello and Tommy 'everywhere' Denander, but nothing should be taken away from the Myland lads themselves, who have put together a solid AOR album here.
Best tracks include the 6 minute plus opening AOR anthem Anytime; the keyboard heavy The Wind Of Late September, with it's pink and fluffy chorus; and the uptempo Age Of My Dreams. Perhaps the best track of all is the mid-80s Perry-like Love Leaves You Lonely.
Interestingly there are no actual ballads on the album. Sometimes at least one is a good way to help balance the album or provide a circuit breaker for the uptempo tracks. Still, pure AOR lovers will find little to complain about here.
The Bottom Line
I would certainly recommend this to lovers of pure traditional style AOR, but more so those that have a penchant for the European blend rather than the American style. The vocal style here is very European and that's fine… Guido's vocals are not going to appeal to all, so that is something to be aware of. Otherwise a very pleasant, well produced pink and fluffy old-school AOR release.
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· No Man's Land

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· European 80s AOR
Track Listing
· Anytime *
· The Wind Of Late September *
· (Someday) Love Leaves You Lonely *
· Heat Of Emotion
· How Much Love
· Age Of My Dreams *
· Voices
· One Step Closer
· Running In The Night
· Prisoner Of Love

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