Moonstone Project
Time To Take A Stand
Majestic Rock
· Produced By: Matt Filipinni

· Running Time: 49.21

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released:

· Musical Style: Blues Rock

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Songs: 70%
Sound: 88%
This is a rather interesting release. A lot of work has gone into this, yet I remain unsure of how much the traditional melodic rock fan base will go for this. And I'm even more unsure of how much I personally will play this once the review is completed.
This is one of those records that will appeal to a specific section of the rock fanbase and not so much outside of that circle.
Moonstone Project is a hard rock blues rock record based around the talents of Italian guitarist Matt Filippini, who also co-writes all but one track here – that track being a cover of Free's Fire & Water.
What makes this a project is the number of guest stars and man, this record has an extensive list of names. A different vocalist handles each track and lining up are James Christian, Glenn Hughes, Kelly Keeling, Graham Bonnet, Eric Bloom, Paul Shortino and Steve Walsh.
Guest musicians include Howie Simon, Ian Paice, Carmine Appice and Daniel Flores.
The album is obviously a true labor of love for Fillipini. It is extremely well played, sounds sonically solid but is it likeable enough?
There is an air of self indulgence here and the album can be slow paced plodding at times…but if the right fanbase are targeted; (ie traditional blues rock fans), then there is bound to be some impressed punters around.
The album kicks off with a fairly laid back blues rocker Slave Of Time, featuring Kelly Keeling. I don't think it is one of the album highlights, but does set up the overall theme and style of the album for listeners.
Not Dead Yet features Graham Bonnet in full raspy vocal force. The tempo is better suited to getting the momentum rolling and might have been a better album opener.
Fire And Water is an average cover of the Free track featuring Italian vocalist Enrico Madidini.
Rose In Hell and Where Do You Hide The Blues You've Got both feature Glenn Hughes in full blown blues mode. You know Glenn can sing this stuff in his sleep and does an admiral job here. The former rocks a little faster, the latter is a slow blues number.
Beggar Of Love is an uptempo blues rocker featuring James Christian. Not a bad track, but not the usual fare for Christian.
City Of Lights – featuring Steve Walsh – has an appealing chorus hook and some great vocals for fans of Steve's.
Pictures Of My Lonely Days features Paul Shortino and is a pretty classy old school blues rocker with a solid hook.
On The Way To Moonstone is a full blown 70s psychedelic rocker featuring Eric Bloom and Chris Catena on vocals. Again, quite an accomplished track, but not one I will play too often.
The Bottom Line
9 tracks spread over nearly 50 minutes gives an indication of the pacing of the album. No one is in a hurry to get to the end of each song and there are some fine individual performances on display. Fillipini knows his way around a guitar and is in passionate form. Glenn Hughes is perfect for his role as is Paul Shortino, with Seve Walsh and James Christian offering the two surprise vocals for me – enjoyable stuff.
But, be warned that this is a blues project and is best suited for fans of that genre.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Time To Take A Stand

Line Up:
· Kelly Keeling, Carmine Appice, Graham Bonnet, Steve Walsh, James Christian, Paul Shortino, Eric Bloom, Glenn Hughes, Enrico Madidini, Chris Catena: Vocals
· Matt Filliplini: Guitars
· Alex Mori: Drums
· Nik Mazzucconi: Bass
· Gianluca Tagliavini: Hammond Organ

Essential For Fans Of:
· Blues Rock
· Manic Eden
Track Listing
· Slave Of Time
· Not Dead Yet *
· Fire And Water
· Rose In Hell
· Beggar Of Love *
· Where Do You Hide The Blues You've Got
· City Of Lites *
· Pictures Of My Lonely Days
· On The Way To Moonstone

--*Best Tracks

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