Millenium Jericho Metal Heaven
Produced By: Ralph Santolla

Running Time: 47.20

Release Date: Out Now

Released: EU

Musical Style: Melodic Metal

Links: Metal Heaven
Songs: 60%
Sound: 70%
No matter how hard I try, I just haven't been able to find a lot of time for this album. I absolutely loved the band's last release with vocalist Jorn Lande up front, but this is a different beast entirely.
This is a heavier and rawer set of songs, without the grandiose arrangements and multiple layers featured on Hourglass. It's not the direction of the album that has me perplexed though.
Jorn has left and original vocalist Todd Plant has returned. He is a good metal vocalist, but in this instance I can't warm to his performance on this album. Perhaps we were overly spoilt with the all-round brilliance of Hourgalss.
Todd Plant's vocals are also a lot gruffer than those of the smoother Lande and take some getting used to.
It could also be the songs featured here I don't find them half as memorable as the last couple of albums either. Don't get me wrong, it's a solid album and a number of people are going to enjoy the record, but it's nowhere near as strong as Hourglass and in my mind, is also behind Angelfire. And I believe the majority of fans will agree with that.
I think the main problem is that fans have waited so long for this record and it follows what was easily the band's strongest material.
Tracks like the opening number My Saving Grace just don't have any kind of memorable moments to grab hold of. Morning Star is one of the better tracks it's a darker and moodier track and is closer to the sound of the last album and one could imagine Jorn Lande singing this.
Wheel Of Fortune is another solid song with some good hard hitting vocals from Todd and some big riffing from Santolla.
Let There Be Light is another ok track a solid uptempo straight ahead rocker.
The Bottom Line
Generally the album is ok, but I expected so much more. Ralph is a proven songwriter and a sensational producer/arranger and of course, a genuine guitar hero. So I feel disappointed in what I have here, especially after such a long wait for the album. Let's hope we don't have to wait as long for the next album.
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Line Up
Todd Plant: Vocals
Ralph Santolla: Guitars
Shane French: Guitars
Mark Prator: Drums
Steve McKenna & Tere Bertke: Bass

Essential for fans of:
Ralph Santolla
Todd Plant
Track Listing
My Saving Grace
Heaven Awaits
My War
Morning Star*
Above This World
Enemy Of The Sun
Wheel Of Fortune*
Let There Be Light*
Burning Again
--*Best Tracks

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