Kiske Kiske Frontiers Records
Produced By: Michael Kiske

Running Time: 46.23

Release Date: May 19


Musical Style: Acoustic Rock

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Songs: 45%
Sound: 80%
Former Helloween vocalist Michael Kiske was the voice behind one of 2005's best melodic hard rock records in Place Vendome. However good that album was, he was quick to point out that he wanted an even more melodic record.
Once that statement was made, it was clear that his solo album would be something different from the norm.
How different though caught me by surprise. Kiske has gone to the extreme left of where you would normally find him musically speaking.
Kiske the album is a collection of 11 acoustic pop songs, may stripped back to just a guitar and vocal and others featuring a full band arrangement, albeit in a very soft and subtle setting.
This is an extremely slow paced album and an incredibly hard one to sit through from start to finish unless you are seriously in the mood for some soul searching and a very mellow record.
To be brutally honest, I can't predict how many of Kiske's regular fanbase is going to appreciate this.
In his favor, Michael Kiske has an extremely likable voice in just about any setting but here the repetitive tempo and laid back delivery of the songs may test some of his fanbase.
In places Kiske's ability to deliver a good melody and memorable hook shine through Fed By Stones, Knew I Would and Hearts Are Free are the best examples on offer here.
On other occasions such as on Kings Fall and Sing My Song, the pace is so painstakingly slow that I cannot listen to them all the way through.
The Bottom Line
There is no doubt that some will love this album. There is a raw emotion to Kiske's vocals here and it would be unfair of me to not state that it is a record made with a lot of soul and conviction on his part. But anyone looking for a glorious repeat of the Place Vendome album should rather wait for a sequal to that project.
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Line Up:
Michael Kiske: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Sandro Giampietro: Solo Guitars
Karsten Nagel: Drums
Fontaine Burnett: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
Michael Kiske
Track Listing
Fed By Stones *
Knew I Would *
Kings Fall
Hearts Are Free *
The King Of It All
Sing My Song
Silently Craving
Sad As The World

--*Best Tracks

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