Michael Bormann Capture The Moment AOR Heaven
Produced By: Michael Bormann

Running Time: 61.38

Release Date: May 23


Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

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Songs: 92%
Sound: 92%
Michael Bormann's 2007 solo album Conspiracy was a fine collection of inspired melodic hard rock songs let down in part by production that didn't match the quality of the songs.
It was immediately evident on Capture The Moment that Borman had corrected the production issue, but I initially questioned whether the songs were now as strong. Over the course of getting to know the album, those fears were also allayed.
Capture The Moment delivers another fine set of songs, which get better with every listen and are now backed up by a much bigger and tougher production sound.
Bormann has one of those voices that engages the listener his raspy, but warm tone guided Jaded Heart to several classic albums and now he delivers his best record to date outside that band.
When Push Comes To Shove is a relatively safe way to start the album this is very familiar territory for Bormann. Friends For A Lifetime maintains a mid-tempo, but hard edged approach this one straight out of the Jaded Heart songbook.
The moody and somewhat dramatic Come Take Me Higher helps create intensity while the catchy Live Your Life picks up the tempo just about when needed.
The big ballad I Wanna Hear Your Voice is classic Bormann and will delight fans.
Love Is Magic is another top classic ballad that Jaded Heart fans will love. Elsewhere on the album Bormann maintains the same consistency as the first half of the album.
Even over 14 tracks the album doesn't drag. It does become a little familiar in places a change up in tempo here and there might be nice next time around.
Mid-tempo rockers are the name of the game here and that is why the album takes a little more time to get to know. But there is no denying there are some fine melodic hard rockers here Glory And Pain is great; Doing Or Not, Just For A Little While and the slower ballad Still Haven't Found It are all classy tunes.
The Bottom Line
A few faster rocking tunes could have helped overall balance, but it is nice to hear strong songs matched with strong production. Bormann wrote, produced, mixed and mastered this himself quite a feat and while sometimes a dangerous path to take, on this occasion he pulls it off perfectly.
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Michael Bormann
Capture The Moment

Line Up:
Michael Bormann: Vocals
Rest: Various
Essential For Fans Of:
Michael Bormann - Conspiracy
Jaded Heart
Track Listing
When Push Comes To Shove
Friends Of A Lifetime
Come Take Me Higher
Live Your Life
I Wanna Hear Your Voice
Half Way Down
I Will Hold The Line
Love Is Magic
Glory And Pain
Don't Bother Me
Doing Or Not
Still Haven't Found It
For Just A Little While
Go Going Gone

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