Megadeth The System Has Failed Sanctuary Records
· Produced By: Dave Mustaine

· Running Time: 48.42

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released: WORLD

· Musical Style: Melodic Metal

· Links: Megadeth
Songs: 86%
Sound: 90%
Another album that is overdue for a review….
After disappearing a couple of years back, there was a question mark over whether Megadeth would ever return – especially after frontman Dave Mustain's slightly bizarre withdrawal from recording life.
The speed of his return surprised me for one. Whatever he did while he was away has certainly improved his creativity. I'm not a Megadeth fan per se, but I do think this is a very solid album which fans of the band and Dave should appreciate.
The line-up is somewhat new, but original guitarist Chris Poland does return for some tracks.
As one would expect, this is an uncompromising, hard hitting and powerful metal album that may not break new ground, but the material still manages to appear fresh and revitalized.
I'm really into the track Die Dead Enough, which is surprisingly melodic in its approach.
Kick The Chair is another top track, with plenty of aggressive vocals and riffs, yet a good hook remains clearly audible. In fact, running through the album one can hear more melodies than I recall in past Megadeth albums.
The Bottom Line
Dave remains an average singer, but it's his band and it wouldn't be Megadeth without his voice. He manages to put in a good performance here, with the album driven by some good songwriting and a certain vibe that just brings the album alive. I can't imagine too many Megadeth fans being disappointed with this.
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Line Up
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Essential for fans of:
· Dave Mustaine
Track Listing
· Die Dead Enough*
· Kick The Chair*
· The Scorpion
· Tears In A Vial*
· I Know Jack
· Back In The Day
· Something I'm Not
· Truth To Be Told
· Of Mice & Men
· Shadow Of Death
· My Kingdome Come
--*Best Tracks

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