Couldn't Have Said It Better
Produced By: Peter Mokran

Running Time: 57.32

Release Date: Out Now (EU)

Released: EU

Musical Style: Meatloaf! (Melodic Rock)

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Songs: 75%
Sound: 85%
Meatloaf has made two truly classic albums in his time and some ok ones too. Additionally there have been a few stinkers along the way. The crux of the matter is that without songwriter/producer/arranger extraordinaire Jim Steinman, there is always going to be something missing from the formula.
Bat 1 and 2 are fabulous albums. I adore Bat 2 and am a fan of the big man for what he is capable of vocally and theatrically.
On his last album Welcome To The Neighborhood, Meatloaf tried his best to make everything as Steinman-ish as possible, with all the name songwriters brought into to try their hand. It was on ok album, but again, there was something missing and a few tunes fell flat.
Couldn't Have Said It Better is much the same. It's probably just that bit better than Welcome..., but upon reaching the last track, one again returns to thoughts of Jim Steinman.
I think this album sounds better than the last one and sonically is probably one of his better that didn't include Steinman.
Generally speaking there are some very strong songs on this album, but a couple of question marks also.
Couldn't Have Said It Better is a typically grandiose over the top rocker with three or four different tempos, but doesn't match the power of I'd Lie For You. Interestingly, the track was written by Motely's Nikki Sixx.
The single Did I Say That is as close to classic Meatloaf as you will get. Immaculately produced and wonderfully over the top.
Why Isn't That Enough is a nice change of pace and a sweet passionate ballad with some solid instrumental backing.
Love You Out Loud is an ok straight up rocker, but doesn't quite make classic status and I'm not sure why there are vocal effects used in places.
Man Of Steel is a good dramatic track with a solid chorus, but some modern production effects kind of take away from the track as a whole.
Testify is classic. The album's best and catchiest track. The feel good rocker is over way too soon, even if it does suffer from too many time changes. Classic chorus!
Tear Me Down is a standard rocker. Good to see Meatloaf indulging in so many upbeat tracks, but I've heard better from him.
You're Right I Was Wrong is an ok sentimental ballad.
Because Of You is another solid track that moves in a slightly different direction, but it's the strength of the chorus that makes it.
Do It is just plan bad. Terrible even. What the hell was meat thinking on this load of modern rap/pop crap?
Forever Young is an ok uptempo ballad, but together with a 3 minute gap and a forgettable hidden track just ends the album on a low note.

The Bottom Line
Some classic moments, some enjoyable new elements and a few 'what was he thinking' moments. A solid album that rates as one of the better non-Steinman releases, but at the end of the day, it will just get added to the collection while we all wait for Bat Out Of Hell 3.
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Why Isn't That Enough? *
Love You Out Loud
Man Of Steel
Testify *
Tear Me Down
You're Right I was Wrong
Because Of You
Do It
Forever Young
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