Track Listing
Disease (3)
Bright Lights
Unwell (2)
All I Need
Hand Me Down
Could I Be You
Downfall (1)
You're So Real
The Difference

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Tabitha's Secret (4)
Matchbox 20 (3)
Mad Season (2)
More Than YouThink You Are (1)

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Produced By: Matt Serletic
Running Time: 50.09 Genre: Rock
Release Date: Out Now Released: WORLD
WebLink: MB20 LabelLink: Atlantic

After several years running this site and three albums from Matchbox Twenty, finally a review of the band that are among the top selling modern rock bands in the world.
Why no review until now? Probably because the band didn't really need any publicity I could give them, but more so as I never gave them a lot of time.
Why has that changed? Well, I always found the band a little bland - especially vocalist Rob Thomas. But their last album started to get my attention due to some strong singles and I looked forward to checking this album out.
I am pleased to say that I like it a great deal.
In fact, it rank it as easily their best effort yet, more cohesive than ever and more diverse than ever.
That's the real beauty about tis album - singer Rob has really delivered a fine performance here, with more variety in his vocal expression and tone than ever before.
The song writing has also picked up another notch - just as Mad Season did from the debut. These guys know how to write a catchy song and even more importantly - a radio friendly hit song.
The album is also more musically adventurous. It's partly made up with examples from their debut (Unwell, Cold), a tip of the hat towards Rob's smash debut with Santana (Disease - co-written with Mick Jagger) and part Mad Season.
The album also moves into new territory, none more so than on the monster anthem Downfall, going from rock anthem to pop-soul and back again. The inclusion of a vocal orchestra is breathtaking.
In fact, Downfall is one of the best songs of 2002, without question.
The album is simply 12 hit singles waiting to happen.
Style wise it's not heavy as such, maintaining a balance between uptempo rock and acoustic driven mid-tempo pop.
But take a close listen and it's easy to see the album is more guitar driven and although immaculately produced, is pretty organic.
You don't have to be into nu-breed or modern rock to appreciate how good this is. This is a straight up pop/rock album.

The Bottom Line
If you are like me and haven't yet paid Matchbox Twenty their dues, now is the time.
As far as straight up pop rock albums go - you don't get them any better than this. The increased diversity and the sheer strength of the songs are more than enough to bring more news fans into this band's grasp.
If you are already an established fan, you may have a different preference for best album - but as far as I see it - this is class all the way and their best effort yet.

Line Up
Rob Thomas: Vocals
Kyle Cook: Guitar
Adam Gaynor: Guitar
Paul Doucette: Drums
Brian Yale: Bass

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