Track Listing
Spirit Never Die (1)
Enlighten Me (3)
Kind Hearted Light (2)
Crystal Night
Sail On
Into The Light
Crawling From Hell
Bleeding Eyes
When Love Comes Close

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AFM / Marquee
Produced By: Roland Grapow
Running Time: 51.00 Genre: Melodic Metal
Release Date: Out Now Released: EU
WebLink: Masterplan LabelLink: AFM

Masterplan are a European group, who's major draw cards are vocalist extraordinaire Jorn Lande, and guitarist Roland Grapow. Together these guys have made a stunning hard rock record, which should be of no surprise to dedicated fans of the pair.
Lande really can do no wrong, with some fine albums already to his name. Add Masterplan's debut to those lists.
This is essentially a European hard rock / melodic metal release, with a power rhythm section in play, including plenty of those double kick drum beats. Grapow's guitar sound is ear shattering, with some monster heavy riffs that John Sykes would be proud of.
But it's Jorn Lande that makes this essential in my mind. His vocals are to hard rock what Steve Perry's are to AOR. Seemingly effortlessly powerful, yet melodic in every sense, adding a more accessible melodic touch to a record that is otherwise all metal.
With any other vocalist and this would be a very good record - add Lande's power, melodic edge and range and it instantly becomes great.
Just sample the opening trilogy of songs. Spirit Never Die is a frantically paced, double kick drum rocker, but with the addition of a great chorus, Lande's vocals and some well placed keyboard support, the song almost sounds commercial! Metallica would be proud to release such a song.
The European single Enlighten Me is another sure fire winner, with more swirling keyboards underneath a hard edged riff and some dark brooding vocals. The chorus is another winner, opening the song up for fans of a more melodic style.
Kind Hearted Light is different in that the verse is lighter, with the chorus going metal. Still, those vocals, some cleaver song writing and a great hook make it another instant winner.
Elsewhere on the album we get more power house heavy metal tracks (Crystal Night, Sail On, Crawling From Hell), a few darker more brooding numbers (Soulburn, Bleeding Eyes), a huge metal ballad (Into The Light) and even a lighter somewhat radio friendly tune or two (Heroes, When Love Comes Close).
So what is Masterplan? It's heavier than Millenium, but has the same power, it's less progressive than Ark, yet has the same intelligence and is comparable to Lande's powerful Worldchanger solo record, but is more consistent in it's delivery. It's a winner.

The Bottom Line
All hail Jorn Lande. A very likeable record that grows to be a metal classic and overall, one of the most consistent records of it's style that I have heard in ages.

Line Up
Jorn Lande: Vocals
Roland Grapow: Guitar
Axel Mackenrott: Keyboards
Uli Kusch: Drums
Jan-S. Eckert: Bass

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