Mastedon 3 Frontiers Records
Produced By: John Elefante

Running Time: 59.53

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: AOR / Melodic Rock

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Songs: 93%
Sound: 96%
I haven't had any prior experience with Mastedon just one of those bands you miss from time to time. But I love John Elefante's voice! Who can forget his incredible Young And Innocent track from the St. Elmo's Fire soundtrack, his other more melodic Elefante project and of course production work with Petra and being a two time member of Kansas.
Mastedon in 2009 is a fair distance from the two hard rocking albums from nearly 20 years back. Mastedon 3 is more reflective of an artist that has matured and takes in all of Elefante's musical influences over the years.
This is one mighty fine record that is a little traditional AOR, a little pomp and a little progressive. The end result is a superb sounding record with some epic moments, some breathtaking arrangements, big harmonies and a brilliant vocal performance from John.
The album impresses on a number of levels. The production and crisp mix are spot on and John's vocals are just heavenly power and melody at the same time.
The organ soaked melody of Revolution Of Mind is just about everything I love about this kinda of music genius stuff.
The 6 minute Nowhere Without Your Love is epic AOR with one of the year's biggest and most passionate chorus harmonies. Truly immense and glorious to the note.
A definite Kansas influence here, but nowhere near as much as the 10 minute true epic that follows One Day Down By The Lake. This tune is absolutely classic 70s rock and classic Kansas, even featuring Kerry Livgren on guitar.
The heart pumping Water Into Wine rocks, while It's About Time offers another true vocal highlight of 2009.
Then another highlight in You Can't Take Anything. Great lead guitar courtesy of Dave Amato and another sensational vocal that wraps around the harmony of the song and strengthens it.
Lying is yet another winner, making this one of the most consistent records of the year.
That's What You Do is another feel good melodic rocker with a punchy verse, but melodically blissful chorus.
Closing the album is a really inspired, haunting cover of the Kansas classic Dust In The Wind. Magic!
The Bottom Line
New or old to the name Mastedon, this album needs investigating and if you like intelligent AOR with a twist, then just purchase without question. I would have played around with the track sequence a little, but otherwise, the vocals delight, the songs are inspiring and the sound is a million dollar result.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
It's A Jungle Out There

Line Up:
John Elefante: Vocals, Rhythm Guitars, Keyboards
Dave Amato, Kerry Livgren: Lead Guitars
Dan Needham: Drums
Anthony Sallee: Bass
Dino Elefante: Additional guitars, acoustic guitar, backing vocals

Essential For Fans Of:
John Elefante
Track Listing
Revolution Of Mind *
Slay Your Demons
Nowhere Without Your Love *
One Day Down By The Lake (See You Real Soon)
Water Into Wine (Fassa Rokka) *
Questions (It's About Time) *
You Can't Take Anything *
Lying *
The Western World
That's What You Do *
Dust In The Wind

--*Best Tracks

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