Mass Crack Of Dawn Escape Music
Produced By: Martin Kronlund & Mass

Running Time: 51.03

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

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Songs: 88%
Sound: 92%
Mass never broke out in Australia back in their day so I never spent much time with their music. That's definitely changed since I got the advance of this album I have spent a great deal of time with it. My conclusion - this is a great record that captures two sides of the band perfectly.
This record has been several years in the making, so you would expect the songwriting to be a major strength of the record and it is.
The production is also first rate. Again, it shows that a lot of time has been put into this record and everyone reaps the rewards.
A pounding rhythm section and great guitar sound greet the listener, with vocals of frontman Louis D'Augusta sailing over the top.
The band's sound is possibly a little left field for some, but it is mixed up here quite well and I find myself enjoying both sides of the band's delivery.
Those sides include a slice of sleaze rock bands such as Bang Tango and LA Guns, mixed with a Robert Plant/Led Zeppelin delivery and on the other hand at times a smoother more restrained sound, accompanies by a deeper more earthy vocal.
It's You is a mellow start to the album considering some of the rockers on board, but I like its style and attitude.
Crack Of Dawn is classic Bang Tango to some, but classic Mass to those in the know. That rock n roll sleaze is carried into Empty Soul, which you might remember was featured on MelodicRock CD Volume 2. Magic Train rocks along with a similar bluesy attitude and Monkey Brain could almost be LA Guns '88.
Who Am I rounds out the highlights from this side.
On a mellower note referenced earlier, Hello is brilliant, Castle is rich and multi-layered with a great vocal and hook and Someday is as moody as it gets.
The Bottom Line
Another surprise record not that I was expecting something average but expectations have been met and exceeded. I think this is another excellent fan-pleasing release and given that their last album was so long ago, there is a good chance new fans will come on board given the quality of this release.
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Line Up:
Loius D'Augusta: Vocals
Gene D'Itria: Guitars
Joey Vadala: Drums
Lou Spagnola: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
Track Listing
It's You *
Crack Of Dawn *
Empty Soul *
Hello *
Magic Train
Monkey Brain *
Sweet Lady Jane
Seven Days
Leaving You
Castle *
Who Am I

--*Best Tracks

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