MPG Martie Peters Group MTM Music
Produced By: Anthony Lledo & Martie Peters

Running Time: 48.57

Release Date: January 31

Released: EU

Musical Style: Melodic Rock

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Songs: 87%
Sound: 93%
Martie Peters is or was frontman for the Danish melodic hard rock outfit Push, who disbanded in 2003. Martie was the principle songwriter and vocalist, not to mention sometime guitarist and co-producer - alongside his longtime buddy Anthony Lledo. This is Martie's first solo record released under the moniker of MPG. But one look at the credits will please Push fans. For the line-up features Push drummer Jesper Werner and guitarist Martin Slott.
So MPG is the re-birth of Push on a new label and with a new outlook. I didn't realize just how good this album sounded until I went back this week and played the old Push albums. I've always been a big fan of the bands songs but the production behind the delivery has always been a little sub-par. I haven't let that get in the way of enjoying some fine classic style melodic hard rock, but the extra time Martie has spent putting the MPG album together really shows.
This is a sonically pleasing album in that for the first time it allows the catchy pop metal style songs to fully shine. This is an album that should see Martie reach a bigger audience, as he really has a classy record on his hands.
In continuing the re-birth of Push theme, two tracks from the last album are remade here - Only Dreaming and the essential feel good anthem Heart Is An Empty Space both for the better I might add. They both feature a beefed up production and extra musical layers.
There are 8 fresh new originals, lead by the monster moody rocker The Beast Inside, which was previewed on my own compilation release last year. This track simply drips with lush vocal harmonies and a moody angst that makes it an ideal album starter.
Martie's Mike Tramp styled voice and White Lion friendly approach to rock n roll is carried on into the new album, but more now than ever he has a set of songs that really makes a cohesive record.
There are a number of highlights, with no tracks simply filling in space or time.
Riot On The 5th Floor is an energetic double-time Def Leppard styled pop metal tune; Takes Some Time is a soft haunting acoustic ballad; A World Without You is a thoughtful, somewhat moody mid-tempo rock song with a great chorus. Special mention for Bird On The Wire, which is one of the great songs of recent times packed with harmonies, layered vocals and hooks to kill for.
Rounding out the 10 originals is the last track, Dixie Toot, a cover of the 1974 Rod Stewart/Ron Wood track. As expected, this cover packs in al the fun of the original, complete with a retro blues rock feel and some killer piano chops.
The Bottom Line
Take a bow Martie each record has been better than the last and MPG sees all bases covered for the first time making this a very fine melodic rock record indeed. While nothing style wise that won't already be familiar to most, the high quality sound and catchy songs featured make for a compelling argument to add this title to many must buy lists!
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Martie Peters Group

Line Up
Martie Peters: Vocals
Martin Slott: Guitars
Anthony Lledo: Guitars, Keyboards
BJ: Bass
Jesper Werner: Drums

Essential for fans of:
White Lion - Pride
Track Listing
The Beast Inside*
Riot On The 5th Floor*
Only Dreaming
Number 1
Takes Some Time
Heart Is An Empty Space*
A World Without You
Take Me Over The Edge
Bird On The Wire*
Hard To Choose
Dixie Toot
--*Best Tracks

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