Mars Electric
Fame Among The Vulgar
Atenzia Records
Produced By: Joey Donatello & Jacob Bunton

Running Time: 42.05

Release Date: Out Now

Released: EU

Musical Style: Modern Rock / Nu-Breed

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Songs: 84%
Sound: 86%
The new Mars Electric record is one that might not have happened. Dropped from Sony's boutique imprint label Portrait Records, the band could have easily given up.
But adventurous Swedish label Atenzia stepped in and a new record was put firmly on the agenda.
Now my tastes have developed a little over the past couple of years to appreciate more modern rock and all things nu. But I still find that many modern rock records feature poor vocalists and songs that really can sound monotonous. So I'm still wary of some artists and Mars Electric were one of them. I didn't rate their debut as an essential release, but due to better songs, a more energetic delivery and a stronger melodic influence, I rate this album far better.
While I wouldn't recommend his album to anyone that does not have a taste for all things modern, or those that don't like the nu-breed tag, I would recommend it to those that sit on the border, or appreciate something a little different when it is high quality.
Fame Among The Vulgar is high-quality. The production seems a little rawer, a little more in your face and for that matter a little heavier. Rather than appealing to fans of Matchbox Twenty or Rubber like the debut this is better aimed at those into Marvellous 3 or the last SR-71.
The opening track Bemused is a terrific melodic modern rock anthem, while Disco King is pure Butch Walker genius.
Queen Of Suffering sees vocalist Jacob Bunton opening up his range to great effect and the moody ballad Descend is as good or better than anything on radio today.
Elsewhere on the album, Heaven's Gate rocks harder than ever, Did I Say Too Much is pure good fun melodic pop/rock, while Baby's Got a Brand New Life is a melancholy look at the life of Wendy O Williams.
Special note for the great mid-tempo ballad Don't Say Goodbye. Another cool melodic and commercial track that really should be on radio.
The Bottom Line
A very solid an enjoyable album that should rate very highly with all fans of nu-breed and modern rock and might even rate a mention with more traditional melodic rock fans. The material and melodies are certainly strong enough.
I like the fact that there is only 10 tracks all classy numbers, with no fillers added to pad out the album's running time.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Beautiful Something
Fame Among The Vulgar

Line Up
Jacob Bunton: Vocals
Chris Simmons: Guitar
Matt Finn: Drums
Carl Ray Hopper: Bass

Essential for fans of:
Mars Electric
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Track Listing
Disco King*
Queen Of Suffering
Heaven's Gate
Baby's Got A Brand New Life
Did I Say Too Much
Dancing In The Clouds
Don't Say Goodbye
I'm Not Dreaming
--*Best Tracks

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