Track Listing
Sacrifice (1)
Guilty As Sin
Rapunzel (2)
Dan's Interlude
Soul Searching
Going Down (3)
Won't Play The Fool
Take Me Home

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Naked Son
Produced By: Marc Bryant
Running Time: 48.50 Release Date: Out Now
Released: US Genre: Hard Rock
ArtistLink: Marc Bryant

Marc Bryant is a singer/songwriter/guitarist, who also take on keyboard duties on this, his debut release.
Marc recorded this album over a fair time frame, saving money and then spending it on working in the studio on the set of songs written over that time. Credit to those involved in the tracking of the album, it hold together very well and does not sound like it was recorded over an extended time.
Marc's influences are varied - Jack Blades, King's X, Rick Springfield, Kiss, Journey and Stone Temple Pilots are listed as favourites.
Some of those shine through in the music recorded here. I think there are hints of Kings X, Stone Temple Pilots (especially in the guitar sound) and occasionally, Kiss. Fellow Us indie rocker Britton are also comparable.
This is a modern rock record that doesn't forget melody and is influenced by Marc's more melodic tastes.
The dark, moody vocals remind me a little of Gary Hughes, mixed maybe with a dash of Gene Simmons and his own unique sound.
It's a pretty stripped back album, with little over dubbing or harmony vocals. It's a very "live" in the studio approach and the album has some charm about it for that reason. It's a very honest musical statement.

The Bottom Line
For a self-financed record, it's a great result. Marc has already carved out his own sound and approach and fans of rock/hard rock with a modern, or at least contemporary twist, should check this out.
The CD has a dark, moody vibe to it, with a hard edged guitar sound controlling proceedings. A quality debut that will give Marc some exposure in this scene - exposure which should lead to even better things.

Line Up
Marc Bryant: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Chad Wedlake: Drums
Pete Roberts: Bass

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