Main Attraction Keep On Coming Back MTM Music
Produced By: Bennech Lyngboe

Running Time: 46.56

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: AOR / Melodic Rock

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Songs: 88%
Sound: 82%
Main Attraction's frontman is Bennech Lyngboe half of the duo that delivered the wonderful first On The Rise album. Sadly the partnership did not last and On The Rise continues without Bennech.
He moves onto Main Attraction, concentrating this time on delivering just the vocals, leaving the guitar and keyboard work here to Ronny Heimdal.
This is one album that took some time to click. I never rush a review if I'm not sure about a title and this is definitely one I am glad I lived with a little longer. My initial assessment was not favorable. While I still have a few issues to raise, my opinion is far more favorable now that I have lived with this and really gotten to know it.
First impressions of this album lead me to think that it sounded unfinished. The production was not as clean as it was with On The Rise and certain songs featured just didn't gel.
The truth is that this project is definitely rawer and more simplified than the multi-layered On The Rise album. The beauty of the songs does shine through, but that said, a little further polish in some areas might have made an even better release.
There are some parts where the guitar doesn't appear evenly mixed and a couple of places where the keyboard parts are actually more annoying then helpful. Until You is the main offender here it features a great melody, but the keyboards take time to grow on you.
Calling You is one where the guitar parts perhaps could have used some refinement and Over The Top at times feels like the guitars could have been rearranged for better result.
Bennech has a likeable voice, but it doesn't always come across comfortably. It sounds a little forced in places and the Scandinavian accent can also be very strong, not to mention it sounds like some of the high notes are struggled with.
On the positive side of things, I can comfortably say is that there is some highly enjoyable melodic rock songs featured on this album. I wouldn't say they are immediate but they grow on you after a few spins and continue to offer something new each time the record is played.
Highlights include the opening rocker Calm Before The Storm, the very AOR friendly Only One and the wonderfully lush, sultry harmonies of Blue Jeans Girls.
Additionally, the hooks and melodies throughout the album are actually quite involved, so this record remains fresh for a good while after others are normally known inside out. A couple of nice ballads are featured, the best being Under My Skin, which will certainly appeal to fans of On The Rise.
The Bottom Line
Overall an album that requires some time with before you come to know its best qualities. A little rough around the edges yes, but fuelled by some very catchy AOR tracks. So much so, that there are a few tracks which are simply not removable from one's memory. That's a big plus in my book.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Keep On Coming Back

Line Up:
Bennech Lyngboe: Vocals
Ronny Heimdal: Guitars, Keyboards
Zsolt Meszaros: Drums
Jan Martin Kleveland: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
Scandi AOR
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Track Listing
Calm Before The Storm *
Remember *
Until You
Man In Change
Only One *
Under My Skin *
Calling You
Over The Top
Keep On Coming Back
Up The Wall
Blue Jean Girls *
Beyond The Edge

--*Best Tracks

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