Lynch Pilson
Wicked Underground
Spitfire Records
Produced By: george Lynch & Jeff Pilson

Running Time: 55.06

Release Date: Out Now

Released: US

Musical Style: Hard Rock

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Songs: 85%
Sound: 85%
There has been a lot of hype surrounding this album. I've had e-mails from the distributor, I've had e-mails from various members of the "street team", I've had e-mails too from 'interested' parties, eager to see a good review posted.
Well, I think I can accommodate these eager folk, but it does come with a caution.
There is no doubting that this is a very good album. It offers a lot for fans of both musicians and the band they once held together, Dokken.
The album's sound is impressive, with a solid production and even mix between the bare-bones instrumentation.
It also rocks quite impressively too!
But I caution, as this record isn't going to be for everyone. I'm still not sold on a few songs, although the heavy rotation of the album as a whole has helped with other tracks - getting better each listen as they unravel their melodies and become more familiar. The style is dark and heavy and relies heavily on George Lynch's love of a more modern guitar sound, a la Dokken's Shadowlife and his more recent solo work.
The album is the perfect mesh of Jeff's Underground Moon outfit and Lynch's desire to be dark and modern, but still shred a little.
But the good news is that with Jeff Pilson as his partner, the melodies and songs are far stronger and in deed are some of the best the pair have been involved in.
This is like a dark and modern Dokken record, with a twist. It has an aggressive edge, but features better songs and stronger hook/chorus definition within each song. The melodies seem to have been given a greater importance, but don't expect them all to jump out at you straight away.
This isn't an instant record, nor is it a sing-along anthem record. The pace is mainly mid-tempo, but there is still some variety.
Vaccine and Zero The End rock out, while Awaken and Ever Higher add balance from being largely acoustic based.
Breath & Scream is an ambitious album opening track, clocking in over 6 minutes.
Jeff Pilson needs to be singled out for special credit for his vocals. Supporting a very strong voice, he does an excellent job and adds a lot of melody to the tracks with his Don Dokken-esque tones.

The Bottom Line
This is an adventurous record. It pushes the boundaries more than your average hard rock record, or any previous Dokken album and certainly rocks harder than Don's last album. It's more musically friendly to those that can appreciate modern hard rock, which means it may not appeal to some fans of the more instant and commercial Dokken albums.
But it certainly achieves the goals Jeff and George set out to achieve and will impress many fans of the guys and could even bring in some new ones.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Wicked Underground

Line Up
Jeff Pilson: Vocals, Bass
George Lynch: Guitar
Michael Frowein: Drums

Essential for fans of:
Underground Moon
Pilson & Lynch solo
Track Listing
Breath & A Scream
Beast In The Box*
When You Bleed*
Ever Higher
Zero The End*
The Evil That You Are
Goodbye Utopia
Inner View
Closer To None
--*Best Tracks

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