Lynch Mob Smoke And Mirrors Frontiers Records
Produced By: Lynch Mob & Bob Kulick

Running Time: 61.52

Release Date: September 18


Musical Style: Bluesy Hard Rock

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Songs: 83%
Sound: 86%
The unfortunate thing with pre-release hype is that it can sometimes steer fans in the wrong direction something that where I am personally involved I take great care with.
This album was hyped as the natural follow-up to the band's critically and fan praised debut Wicked Sensation. I don't see that at all.
Besides having original vocalist Oni Logan back in the fold, I don't see the comparisons. The style is far more contemporary and features less sleaze than Wicked Sensation did and even Oni is signing a little differently these days.
Now, that said it isn't necessary for this album to match the debut in style, just be aware, that contrary to reports, it doesn't. But Oni - the guy is a natural star and his vocals are always engaging.
The album itself is quite varied in style and still misses that certain edge that the debut had. Much of the album is very uncommercial and takes repeated listens to get anywhere close to knowing the ins and outs of each tune and just where the melodies lie.
21st Century Man is a strong opening track that sounds as close to Lynch Mob as you'll probably get in 2009.
Interestingly, the following two tracks are slower and more bluesy in style. Closer perhaps to Oni's solo record.
It then not until the slow and bluesy Let The Music Do The Talking that I get truly inspired again by the material. And this is mainly due to a fabulous slow solo during the song.
The hard rocking The Fascist is another winner and Where Do You Sleep At Night is another strong vocal track and decent chorus.
We Will Remain rolls along at a good speed with a bluesy rock base.
Before I Close My Eyes is also a good anthemic rocker that reminds me a little of Gregg Fulkerson.
The Bottom Line
The middle section lets down the album and the style isn't classic Lynch Mob, but there are still some really good moments here to appreciate for both old and new fans. Lynch as always is an inspired guitarist, but it's Oni that closes the deal for me. That all said, I doubt I'll play this album anywhere close to what I did the debut or even the self titled follow-up.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Wicked Sensation
Lynch Mob
Smoke This
Smoke And Mirrors

Line Up:
Oni Logan: Vocals
George Lynch: Guitars
Scot Coogan: Drums
Marco Mendoza: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
George Lynch
Oni Logan
Track Listing
21st Century Man *
Smoke and Mirrors *
Lucky Man *
My Kind Of Healer
Time Keepers
Revolution Hero
Let The Music Be Your Master *
The Fascist *
Where Do You Sleep at Night?
Madly Backwards
We Will Remain
Before I Close My Eyes *
Mansions In The Sky

--*Best Tracks

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