Lunatica The Edge Of Infinity Frontiers Records
Produced By: Lunatica

Running Time: 54.20

Release Date: August 25


Musical Style: Symphonic Hard Rock

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Songs: 82%
Sound: 90%
Lunatica are one of those take it or leave it kind of artists. You have to be into their vibe to be into the album. Their vibe however, is one that does have a considerable fan base. European Symphonic hard rock is a market of its own with a slew of band's vying for the fan dollar.
Lunatica have taken steps in the right direction to become a bigger name. I'm not sold on every track here and I think they need to work on their hooks a little further before breaking into the big time.
What appears a fairly innocuous listen over the first couple of plays comes to life once you get to know it a little better and that's when the passion of the guys becomes evident. But the strong opening doesn't quite carry through the whole record.
Sons Of The Wind is a great example of doing everything right a powerhouse arrangement, authorative vocals and some dramatic symphonic passages of music.
The rock ballad Who You Are features some sultry vocals before crashing into something larger than life this is perhaps the album stand out and definitely the track I would be promoting as a single.
Out! is darker and more edgy and reminds me of Evanescence. In fact, comparisons to Evanescence and also Nightwish are inevitable given the band's style and their female lead vocalist. Lunatica might just have the ability to compete with them though.
I spoke of the need for stronger choruses and I think that is highlighted through the middle of the album before the double kick drum fired Worlds Unleashed grabs your attention.
Former Asia frontman John Payne contributes a fine passionate duet on Song For You, while personal favourite Oliver Hartmann appears in duet on a refrain of the closing track Emocean. However, the same song twice in a row diminishes his contribution and I would have dropped the initial version entirely in favor of the one featuring Hartmann.
The Bottom Line
The album features a big production sound and great attention to detail during the symphonic passages. The guys have lifted their game from the debut all areas have been improved on, but they still have a little room to go before becoming an essential band to have. A very strong first half of the record fades a little during a less memorable second half.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Fables & Dreams
The Edge Of Infinity

Line Up:
Andrea Datwyler: Vocals
Andre Leuenberger, Sandro D'Incau: Guitars
Ronnie Wolf: Drums
Emilio Barrantes: Bass
Alex Seiberl: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
Symphonic hard rock
Female lead vocals
Track Listing
The Edge Of Infinity *
Sons Of The Wind *
Who You Are *
Song For You (Feat. John Payne) *
The Power Of Love
Words Unleashed
EmOcean (feat. Oliver Hartmann) *

--*Best Tracks

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