London Calling
You're So Lucky
Atenzia Records
Produced By: London Calling

Running Time: 49.01

Release Date: Out Now

Released: EU

Musical Style: Nu Breed

Links: Atenzia
Songs: 87%
Sound: 79%
Two very fine nu-breed styled rock albums are reviewed this week. While SR-71 are returning to their roots, London Calling are releasing their debut, which should see the band really capture the attention of modern melodic rock fans.
The voice behind the band is former Guardian and Adriangale frontman Jamie Rowe. This is where his heart truly lies in 2004 and therefore his efforts are concentrated on making this band work.
Don't expect Jamie's vocals to match those of the past. There are elements for sure, but this is more along the lines of SR-71, 40ft Ringo and Mars Electric.
There is nothing worse than a modern rock outfit with a lame vocalist, so Jamie's powerful vocals are part of the reason why this album is so satisfying.
The other reason is the great songwriting. Naturally a love of all things nu-breed and punk/pop is needed to appreciate what's on offer here, but that given, the songs are very strong indeed.
Melodies throughout, catchy hooks and some very fine choruses indeed. The opening track is a great example of what's on offer, but look no further than Beautiful Day for a glimpse of pure anthemic pop genius. The chorus is just such a winner and the vibe isn't far from classic melodic rock.
New Sensation has a strong feel good groove, So In Love is a moody ballad with a 70's vibe, Misfit Song is a great breezy softer sounding pop song and Song About Nothing is pure Blink 182.
The Bottom Line
I do think there are a couple of fillers on offer 13 tracks might be 2 too many in this instance. My other slight grievance with the album is the production quality. It's solid, perfectly enjoyable and doesn't impede the enjoyment of the music, but it is fairly raw and not as strong as some other titles currently on offer.
Another recommended album for fans of nu-breed and modern pop and certainly another highlight in Jamie Rowe's career.
Past History
London Calling

Line Up
Jamie Rowe: Vocals
Jon Gilbert, Jamie Rowe: Guitar
Derek D. Sorrells: Drums
Matthew Martin: Bass

Essential for fans of:
40ft Ringo
Jamie Rowe
Track Listing
Ugly American Soft*
Super Natural Girl
Beautiful Day*
New Sensation*
So In Love
Haunting Me
Misfit Song*
Astronaut Has Landed
Fade Into Grey
Song About Nothing*
One In A Million
You Make My World Go Round
--*Best Tracks

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