Leverage Tides Elements Music
· Produced By: Tuomas Heikkinen & Torsti Spoof

· Running Time: 47.40

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released:

· Musical Style: Melodic Metal

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Songs: 91%
Sound: 96%
The rockers of Finland are really turning it on this year aren't they! The good word on Brother Firetribe is still spreading, and given the band are finally getting a full European release, those good vibes are only going to continue.
Now there's Leverage – set upon the world to kick our asses!
Leverage is a heavier prospect than the more AOR friendly Brother Firetribe, but there is more than one similarity. This album is more in the league of Masterplan – powerful yet very melodic hard rock/metal.
The whole album oozes a powerful energy that few other albums emulate and the songs themselves are full of life and passion, not to mention good choruses, powerful guitar riffs and swirling keyboards.
In Leverage, the keyboards play a support role rather than being the dominate force of the album such as on Brother Firetribe.
On this album the guitars are more in your face and dominate the musical landscape.
There is another aspect of this album which simply deifies all expectations of quality. The vocals of one Pekka Heino. Fresh from his outstanding performance as lead vocalist for Brother Firetribe, Pekka kicks it up another notch here – delivering a powerhouse vocal with all the finesse and power of Jorn Lande, but with an even more melodic edge, which still reminds me of Cheap Trick's Robin Zander at his most powerful.
The production is first rate, the mix is tight and intense and the whole aura of the album is one of the highest qualities, enhanced further by the kick-ass rhythm section.
There are no fillers or weak moments on this CD, just 10 brilliant melodic metal tunes. But within those are still a few amazing highlights.
The album opener Fifteen Years is an intense melodic metal anthem with a terrific chorus and a powerful lead vocal which just oozes passion and power. A ripping guitar solo and a thumping rhythm section make it a metal highlight for 2006.
Superstition and Horizon follow, Horizon being a moody and super intense metal ballad with layers of music to get through.
But it gets even better – the one-two punch of Dreamworld and Follow Down That River ensure that this album is elevated from great to classic.
These are two uptempo metal anthems that Masterplan would be proud to all their own. Truly two fantastic tracks with strong choruses and pounding intensity.
Stranger sees the guys pull back the fierceness for a more reflective mid-tempo ballad, followed by a quite commercial straight ahead rocker in Sails.
To pick out one last highlight, I'd have to jump to the closing track Gone. Once again it is super intense and wrapped in a supersonic musical blanket, the song smolders along with the glorious vocals of Heino delivering the songs melody.
The Bottom Line
One of this year's more essential releases. A perfect companion to Brother Firetribe's record and further proof that European hard rock is this year's dominant force…not to mention vocalist Heino!
One for those that love it heavy and love it melodic and where you have keyboards dominating Brother Firetribe, here the guitars are in control. A perfect set of inspired releases.
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· Tides

Line Up:
· Pekka Heino: Vocals
· Tuomas Heikkinen, Torsti Spoof: Guitars
· Valtteri Revonkorpi: Drums
· Pekka Lampinen: Bass
· Marko Niskala: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
· Brother Firetribe
· Masterplan
Track Listing
· Fifteen Years *
· Superstition
· Horizon *
· Dreamworld *
· Follow Down That River *
· Stranger
· Sails
· Marching to War
· Twilight Symphony
· Gone *

--*Best Tracks

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