Last Autumn's Dream Winter In Paradise Escape Music
Produced By: Torbjorn Wassenenius & Claes Andereasson

Running Time: 44.05

Release Date: April 14


Musical Style: AOR

Links: Escape Music
Songs: 92%
Sound: 90%
Last Autumn's Dream make for a pretty strong line-up. Vocalist Mikael Erlandsson has one of the sweetest melodic rock voices in Scandinavia, Marcel Jacob is the groove meister; Andy Malecek can deliver a tasty riff and drummer Jamie Borger is the glue that holds it all together.
Unfortunately following an acclaimed debut, the band shot themselves in the foot with a seriously average follow-up.
That almost completely killed interest in the band, but to their credit they didn't give up. Rather they have rebounded with their best album to date.
Winter In Paradise slays the demons of the second album, out performing it in every department.
The production is slick and powerful, the songs are filled with memorable hooks and sweet AOR melodies and the performances are more urgent. So good is this album that for me it even overhauls the debut.
Glorious uptempo Scandi AOR doesn't come much better than the opening track Love To Go, with a strong raspy delivery and instant chorus.
Other highlights on this very strong release include The Way You Smile, which combines some updated production effects with a simple mid-tempo AOR ballad.
My Heart Keeps Stalling features a strong guitar riff and another instant chorus; plus the band's big rocker Winter In Paradise, which features another great chorus; and the heartfelt rock ballad If You're The One.
The Japanese release features It's Alright, which is one of the band's fastest pop rockers to date, while in it's place on this European release is the very enjoyable moody rocker When She's Gone, which has a modern pop vibe.
The Bottom Line
This is some of the best vocals I have heard from Erlandsson and the beefy production gives the band a slightly heavier feel. Some extremely strong choruses and instantly likeable songs make this a definite AOR highlight especially for fans of the Scandi variety.
Thankfully a European deal has been struck and unlike me, the majority can now purchase without the hefty penalty of a Japanese import price.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Last Autumn's Dream
Winter In Paradise

Line Up:
Mikael Erlandsson: Vocals
Andy Malecek: Guitars
Jamie Borger: Drums
Marcel Jacob: Bass

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Last Autumn's Dream
Mikael Erlandsson
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Track Listing
Love To Go *
Don't Let Your Love Go Down *
The Way You Smile *
When She's Gone
My Heart Keeps Stalling
Echoes From The Past
Winter In Paradise *
I Don't Want To Hurt You
All I Want Is Rock N' Roll
If You're The One *
Love Is The Answer
--*Best Tracks

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